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Originally Posted by elperrito View Post
This message sparked something in me, as when I see someone trying to do right, I get a little angry when I see them getting lambasted for it. So I made 6 phone calls to a mix of TT1 male and female riders. Consistent across the board.

19 yrs old, never been away from home, and spoiled rotten. Too much to handle for a young fella.

Cycling teams are in fact brutal meritocracies. Talent will get you in the door. Hard work keeps you there. Nobody can argue that.

I don't know you or anyone who's making fun of this story or doesn't believe it... And it doesn't matter. Everyone is responsible for what he/she believes so you can live in a dream world where everything is going perfect or you can see with your own eyes how the real world is. I'm not planning on telling stuff to the biggest Belgium newspaper if I can't prove it. I just love cycling. I love fighting to get on the top, and I did it for several years so far (you can check my list of victories on my website I'm not working with friends, I'm absolutely not abusing my diabetes. I didn’t want to make big money in America (I even didn’t want to get the prize money from the others who were racing). Maybe I’ll be a pro in a European team, maybe I’ll be a teacher geography in a few years. It all doesn’t matter, as long as I can ride for fun. Everything what happened in the US with the team, was more like hell most of the time.
I'm not going to discuss all this.


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