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Originally Posted by thehog View Post
What's with the Canadians and their spines?

Barry, RH?

They're not into confessing are they?
No, we are pathetic. And, this is another complete embarrassment on what was a very poorly kept secret.

Yes, Ryder was a doper. If I knew that, and with the certainty that I did, I can only imagine how many others must have known this as well.

The story doesn't end here.

As one part of the additional story, please note that Rasmussen also fingered Chris "Shep" Sheppard.

Now, Shep did test positive for EPO in 2005. In so doing, he provided one of the lamest excuses ever. Ever!!!

Something to the effect that:

'It was my first time...

I just received it in the mail from a web purchase the day before the testers arrived...

I had an accident last year, and I was afraid my career was over...'

Afraid his career was over? Such BS.

Eight years later he was representing Canada at the Cyclocross World Championships this year in Louisville.

However, in 2005, it was announced that "In addition, he is now permanently ineligible to receive financial support from the federal government."

Any financial support? Like team kit? Did Chris really pay all of the direct and indirect expenses associated with attending the World Championships? In other words, permanent wasn't so permanent. Why would a known doper, permanently ineligible for support be allowed to represent the country?

Canadian Cycling - you have some 'splainin to do!

After testing positive, Shep also got incredible support from another very notable Canadian cyclist, former World MTB champ Roland Green. That story here.

BTW - This is what Chris Sheppard's sponsor has to say about him:

"Always with a big smile on his face, he exudes what Rocky Mountain is all about"

Time to call the webmaster, or is this really what Rocky Mountain is all about after all?

Not only are Canadians pathetic at confessing, things are starting to look pretty murky all around.

Do we think that is the end of doping in Canadian cycling? Can't wait for the next revelation.

Any other high profile Canadian cyclists likely to have been doping??? Would anyone like to come forward for a confession?


Lance says he will cooperate with Landis Investigation

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