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Default oh, that what now...

I often read this board and rarely post but there’s something that I HAVE to say and it might be nice to shift this thread back to the original topic. (BTW the only threads in this forum that “work” are ones that never mention Armstrong)

I read the blog. I have studied some related topics and appreciate the links/graphs related to mechanical engineering but there is little or no useful new information about defeating doping controls to anyone who regularly visits the clinic.

I was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania, USA. I’m extremely proud of this background, it’s a great place to ride bike. I now live in the Philadelphia suburbs. It’s important because Joe Papp had raced frequently in this area for years. Joe is a little before my time but I know people who have raced against Joe. I know the people he has directly cheated. Joe Papp raced and won a beautiful race a few blocks from my house in 2005. At the time the little I knew of Joe was that he had a checkered past but he was racing again so I assumed he must now be clean. I’ll admit that like a lot of people I was naïve then. This race has blossomed into a fantastic regional event. The community has gotten behind this criterium 100%. There was a crowd of thousands last year and if there is an economic downturn and lack of sponsorships you’d never know it by the turnout in 2009. Many in attendance probably don’t care if the winner is a liar and a cheat because the race just gives them an opportunity to get out of the house on a summer night and bump into people they haven’t seen in months or maybe even years. It even appeals to me in this way a little bit too. Many in attendance do care tho. Local pros, amateur racers/juniors, and real racing fans who are also numerous do care. They were cheated that summer night by Joe. I watched and believed and was cheated that summer night by Joe too.

Maybe it’s different when it’s close to you but I don’t forgive him and probably never will. The way some people in the forum respond to him, praising him for coming clean is beyond me. Thanks for coming clean but just saying you’re sorry doesn’t cut it for me. Justice will be served when he benefits in absolutely no way from cycling. He should not have a career as a celebrity confessor/blogger/author/speaker because of a cycling career that was a hoax. Can we allow a dishonest racing career to be parlayed into a successful career as a blogger? You admitted your mistake, you’ve told us everything that’s at all helpful (not much), now…

…GO AWAY. Get a regular job. Try working for a living. Contribute something positive to society outside of cycling. If he’s already doing that then good for him. I hope he's able to resolve his health concerns. Everyone deserves a second chance and best of luck to you in those endeavors but you have no right to participate in this beautiful sport anymore let alone benefit from it. If you want to coach cycling too bad unless you offer those services for free, no sponsorships, no adverts. Is he interested in donating services? Somehow I doubt it.

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