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Originally Posted by asdfgh101 View Post
Regarding 'provisionally suspended' would this include a team imposed suspension due to links to a doping investigation (like Mantova or Padova)? How about cases in which a rider's national cycling federation clears him but the UCI appeals the decision?
I don't know the specific cases, and truth be told, I almost don't follow any doping cases so I'm probably not the best suited to make "correct" or "fair" rulings on this matter.

I do however try my best to make some overall guidelines and commenting on specific cases. In this case, the answer is "yes" to both of your questions: if a rider is provisionally suspended by his team or UCI then he's also ineligible to be picked.

I might have to consult someone with better knowledge regarding specific cases if these rules aren't that good after all.

Anyway, the short answer is "yes"
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contador is such a coward
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