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Let me help.

Summarized by a danish guy on another forum:

One of Denmarks leading blood doping experts (wrote his thesis and PhD on blood doping) is Jakob Mørkebjerg.

He's had a look at Armstrong's blood values from the Tour de France and says that his values are very irregular compared to what you'd normally expect.

"His haemotocrit and haemoglobin values are pretty much the same on the first and last day of the Tour, and that's highly unusual. Even more unusual is it that his haemotocrit value increased in the middle of the Tour.

What we know from research is that these values should normally drop during hard work, such as the Tour. But Armstrong's values don't reflect that."

Interviewer: Why is that?

"Blood transfusions is one possibility. I'm not saying he did it, but it's one explanation"

Mørkebjerg also says that Armstrong's values during the Giro were perfectly normal.
I'll make just one comment on this: His haematocrit increased during a three-week Tour. That leaves no doubt whatsoever in my mind what he did. Haematocrit increasing just DOES. NOT. HAPPEN.

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