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View Poll Results: Legend of cycling
Kristin Armstrong 1 1.49%
Judith Arndt 4 5.97%
Oscar Freire 22 32.84%
Fiorenzo Magni 13 19.40%
David Moncoutie 17 25.37%
Victoria Pendleton 1 1.49%
Travis Tygart 7 10.45%
Daphny van den Brand 0 0%
No opinion for legend of cycling 2 2.99%
Voters: 67. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-02-12, 18:38
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Originally Posted by Afrank View Post

Also, Vino really should be on the poll, how does Kristin Armstrong and Daphny van den Brand get on the poll and Vino doesn't?
That's a good question. Do note that this isn't my list; it's taken verbatim from the CyclingNews reader poll. ;( I have no idea how or why Vino was left off. That question almost deserves its own thread!
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Old 11-02-12, 19:14
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Vino or no Vino, Daphny is awesome and I was ecstatic that she was able to go out on a World Cup overall win even though it was disappointing that Supervos was so unstoppable at the Worlds because a rainbow jersey was probably the only thing that could have coaxed her out of her decision to retire.

Forever tête de la course.
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Old 11-02-12, 20:43
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Did they just pick names out of a hat for this?
"... because he set an amazing example. He has more courage than anyone I ever rode with and that's why he got respect from his team-mates. A great leader makes you want to go beyond the limits."

Andrea Noè on Di Luca, "Il Killer di Spoltore"
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Old 11-02-12, 20:54
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Sven Nys would be my guess when it comes to recent times.
Otherwise Magni.
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Old 11-03-12, 02:10
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Travis for me!!
Carol S.

Alberto Contador of Pinto: "And yes, it is true that for me it's the same to finish second or 10th."

Vincezo Nibali makes history and joins Anquetil, Gimondi, Merckx, Hinault and Contador as only the 6th winner of all Three Grand Tours! Bravo Lo Squalo!
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Old 11-03-12, 03:08
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Oscar Freire, the surprise-man. He never was the favorite, but he has a impresive palmares.

To Win 3 World Championship it's amazing. To win 3 MSR... amazing. To win both 3 times, etc, etc... I have no words. I thinks he was one of top-10 of the decade.
My personal blog (in portuguese): www.carrovassoura.blogspot.pt
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Old 11-03-12, 03:14
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Voted for Freire but was a coinflip with Magni.

Should really be Boonen.
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Old 11-03-12, 04:33
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Travis shouldn't be on the poll.I don't agree with these admins who want to become celebs.
Same with Pound,Fahey,McQuaid,Novitsky.Their Ego's are way too important.
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Old 11-03-12, 08:20
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Voted for Kristin Armstrong just tothrow the poll off and so she would have at least one vote, I had no idea who Daphny was/is. The decision between Kristin and Daphny was difficult but in the end Kristin had the same last name as our Evil one so thought this way it would keep his name up and everyone would be reminded of him and be angry at that and help with the cause of him being taken down.

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Old 11-03-12, 10:10
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Magni, who else?

Travis Tygart as a cycling legend?
otherwise, has he got a bike??

btw strange list
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