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View Poll Results: Legend of cycling
Kristin Armstrong 1 1.49%
Judith Arndt 4 5.97%
Oscar Freire 22 32.84%
Fiorenzo Magni 13 19.40%
David Moncoutie 17 25.37%
Victoria Pendleton 1 1.49%
Travis Tygart 7 10.45%
Daphny van den Brand 0 0%
No opinion for legend of cycling 2 2.99%
Voters: 67. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-03-12, 17:27
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10 char
sempre con noi
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Old 11-03-12, 17:35
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Yeah, it's a funny list. I voted for Magni because, objectively, he is a cycling legend. Not only his palmares, but his awesome work with the Ghisallo cycling museum (I went there this summer, and seriously like 60% of the pro cycling stuff there is from his own collection), make it kind of hard to argue against him. However, it's like apples and oranges to compare him to active or recently retired cyclists - I know he just died so he's on the ballot this year, but comparing ex-pros who raced in mythical times to current pros is not really a great way to do things. I mean, what if he loses? It doesn't really 'honour' him to put him on the ballot, it might be more classy to allot him an honorary 'legend of cycling' award next to the winner of the actual poll, when the results are announced.

Of the others, Freire. Classy rider, one of my very favourites.
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Old 11-04-12, 19:16
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Originally Posted by Rui Quinta View Post
Oscar Freire, the surprise-man. He never was the favorite, but he has a impresive palmares.

To Win 3 World Championship it's amazing. To win 3 MSR... amazing. To win both 3 times, etc, etc... I have no words. I thinks he was one of top-10 of the decade.
But those are just about the only things he won... well he also won the green jersey, TA (weird edition of the race w/o climbs) Paris Tours, & GW. For me he is maybe one of the top 30 of the decade... but yeah.
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Originally Posted by Libertine Seguros View Post
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Old 11-05-12, 00:18
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Oscar for me.

Why is Tygart here? He's nothing to do with cycling. He's been at USADA for 10 years, the boss for 5 years. What was he doing in those years? If you want to go down the anti-doping theme, I'd suggest Anne Gripper.
But this is a conversation for another forum.

Oscar - three World's, three MSRs, the bunny hop attack, the stories of his absent mindedness. All round class act.

(The allegations of Magni's wartime activities put me off him)
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Old 11-05-12, 02:46
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No Vino option so I voted for Moncoutie.
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