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Old 11-05-12, 16:49
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Originally Posted by ggusta View Post
We're voting on death by either the gas chamber or electric chair. The outcome will be the same and not a pretty one regardless of the winner... Like I have said, so long as Wednesday a.m. we have a definite winner, that's about as good a situation as I can expect. We're 'stick a fork in it' done.

I think if everyone here steps back from who they want to win, and how they hope an ideal election would go, and all the ideals with that, and just look at the real picture for what it really is, you'll realize that no matter who is elected we're in for four very difficult years, especially for the working class. Wages are likely to remain flat, health care costs likely to rise by quite a bit while quality of care decreases, job growth will mostly remain in the low-pay, part-time, no-benefit group. Cost of living will slowly rise. Very small businesses will continue to struggle and be pushed aside by mega corporations. Taxes will remain roughly the same as well when you actually look at the tax code and your returns. The deficit and debt will continue to rise. Sacred cow programs such as Defense (military), Medicare and Medicaid won't see many needed changes (increase or cuts) or overhaul needed, regardless of rhetoric from politicians.

This will run current with a huge politician divide that exists somewhat in society, but mostly in political leaders, specifically US Congress (both house and senate). Neither candidate, nor leaders in either party, have the power, will, or wherewithal to change this. If anything they will facilitate the continued schism. The fact that shows such as Fox News or MSNBS are "biased" is a mere spectacle, a toy in this game, and not to change soon, as it increases what the owners and shareholders of these organizations seek above all: money.

While this happens, lobbying and campaign financing will continue to have a very heavy influence in nearly all bills, and politician decisions. The government will continue to essentially be owned by various elite organizations, large groups, corporations or individuals who will use their money to heavily influence decisions made by politicians. This plutocracy will exist at nearly every level of politics, from Congress, to state houses, to many mayors and city councils.

So folks, vote for whomever you like of these two. Pick the charlatan, or the liar. The flimflam man or the flip flopper. The mountebank or the plaster saint. Or like me, neither. Or Gary Johnson if he's on your ballot, or Mickey Mouse or Pat Paulson. Or for the winner of The Voice, The X-Factor, American Idol, etc.. It won't make much of a difference in your life. Though if you want to pretend it will because it makes you feel better, by all means don't let my dismal pessimism stop you.
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Old 11-05-12, 17:18
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Originally Posted by Alpe d'Huez View Post
It won't make much of a difference in your life.

No, won't make any difference at all if we have another Scalia or two on the bench. Not a bit.
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Old 11-05-12, 17:23
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Originally Posted by The Hitch View Post
Pew research did some research into US media bias this election and concluded msnbc was worse.


Not that lentghy research from an unaffiliated polling company can possibly compare to a days worth of chanel surfing from a pro obama organization

And the media was generally found to be slightly more favorable to Obama.

Yeah MSNBC is a hack cable news station as well. Just check out Maddow, Sharpton, Schulz, and Matthews and you get the idea. Hours and hours of empty talk, interruptions, and politically aligned talking heads. The last time they actually discussed and analyzed a policy proposal was probably 35 years ago.

According to Pew:

Throughout the eight-week period studied [from August 27 through October 21], a good deal of the difference in treatment of the two contenders is related to who was perceived to be ahead in the race. When horse-race stories-those focused on strategy, tactics and the polls-are taken out of the analysis, and one looks at those framed around the candidates' policy ideas, biographies and records, the distinctions in the tone of media coverage between the two nominees vanish.
This included R's botched Libya remarks, and the 47% video; If I had to guess, MSNBC probably opened with those stories for a weeks; Also the poorly received (empty chair) GOP convention took place from 27-30 Aug; another opportunity for them to hammer Romney. IOW, MSNBC had a lot of negative ammunition to work with. Fox only had Benghazi, on 9/11 and the first presidential debate (which I'd guess they'd use not negatively, but to highlight Romney positively?)?

According to the methodology:

These are among the findings of the content analysis of 2,457 stories from 49 outlets from August 27, the week of the Republican convention, through October 21, five days after the second presidential debate.

From these outlets, PEJ researchers watched, listened or read every story in the sample and counted each assertion for whether it was positive in nature about a candidate, negative in nature or neutral. For a story to be deemed to have a distinct tone, positive or negative assertions had to outnumber the other by a factor of three to two. Any story in which that was not case was coded as mixed.
Conspicuously absent is CNN, who basically regurgitate political talking points, how ridiculous they may be, from both campaigns at the same time (=balance , alternated with human interest stories about octomom's voting behavior or repeated scify polling representations to show

If they had any sense, they'd turn into an actual (cable) news station, where they take the time to address issues, refuse to invite political surrogates, and don't shy away from pointing out the absurdity or emptiness of the debate. Also, huge opening; why don't they borrow from their International Affairs desk? They have 24/7 hrs to do news and they waste it on quack talk, analysis of tweets (you know 140chs) from 'regular people' on policy issues, gossip, and stuff that is so memorable that 10 minutes after they report it's forgotten. At one point they were making prank phone calls to "important people" in their rolodex in the morning.
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Old 11-05-12, 17:52
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Unless all of these polls are completely wrong, I don't see how Obama possibly loses OH

And if OH is gone, then Romney has to win not only FL and NC, but also CO and VA to have any chance at all.

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Old 11-05-12, 18:24
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My apologies if this was already posted somewhere else but this video was too funny for me not to post somewhere. It's people like this that make me fear for the future of the human race.


And to clarify it's not because she is voting for Romney, I would say the same thing if she was supporting Obama.

Thank god this election is almost over.

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Old 11-05-12, 18:25
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Originally Posted by Glenn_Wilson View Post
I have visited Calgary. It was during the summer and I got the feeling that people like to play golf and go to rodeo.

Houston is nothing to look at but the price of living is reasonable. The State of Texas has no State Income tax and there sales tax is lower than your HST. Not that I am defending Houston or nothing but I did like the price I paid for housing / vehicles / gasoline / food / LIST GOES ON AND ON.

Churchill falls will have a part 2 correct? Then they will pay to have transmission over to Halifax and down into the USA correct? I rekon that will work out about like Sable Islands Gas fields ......send that down to the USA correct? I'm not sure how much gas stays in Canada never looked it up.

The american-wannabe is Harper? I don't know much about him but I will take your word on it.
Though the big question is how, that is through which nefarious means, was it all financed?
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Old 11-05-12, 18:32
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Originally Posted by Glenn_Wilson View Post
The State of Texas has no State Income tax and there sales tax is lower than your HST.
Which might explain this.


Obama says you're welcome
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Old 11-05-12, 19:03
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Originally Posted by VeloCity View Post
All MM has done here is add up the number of minutes the three main cable news outlets have given to campaign speech coverage over the past three days. It isn't rocket science. Grab a hand timer and you can go back and do the same if you want.

Let's sum it up:

Obama: 66 mins
Romney: 53 mins

Obama: 79
Romney: 44

Fox News:
Obama: 27
Romney: 168

Think it pretty much speaks for itself.
And you can take a look at the Politico (impartial site) article i linked about the Pew Research (impartial organization which btw has Obama up higher than most) research which contains far more depth than switching accross networks with a stopwatch.

Both are as bad as eachother, so i dont get why yall moan all the time about fox.

As if the media siding with a political party is some totally new concept without any historical prescedent.
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Originally Posted by pre 2009 wiggins
If there's a 1% suspicion or doubt that a team is working with certain doctors, then they shouldn't be invited to the Tour de France - as simple as that.
journalist with integrity.
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Old 11-05-12, 19:18
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Originally Posted by VeloCity View Post

EDIT: weirder and weirder. Now the PPP has NC even. Could be an outlier, but with all the talk of FL and OH and CO etc I had no idea NC was even remotely close.
I live in NC in a very Republican county. 4 of our nearby neighbors have had Romney/Ryan yard signs for the last month or so, but last night 2 houses took them down. No idea why - just thought it was curious.

Also, with NC - I believe the older folks may be be going Dem more than normal. We've had a bunch of AARP direct mailings about the R/R plan killing medicare - and I heard one old guy say "this is not the Republican party I grew up with." Again, just anecdotal. Will be interesting to see what the actual totals are.

Early (Onestop) voting was very high. Stats here broken down by party & demographics.
On Benjamin Noval:

Originally Posted by Vino attacks everyone View Post
it says, AC will win the tour, but he has no idea on the amount of time he will win it with (which is fair, since he is only the god of feast and drink, not time and space)
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Old 11-05-12, 19:26
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Originally Posted by blutto View Post
...yeah Churchill revisited is going to be an interesting engineering challenge....and as for it's destination?...probably to the guy who buys it which at this point looks to be youse guys....and as for the gas?...a much reviled Conservative PM sold out the country in the NAFTA deal...and as a result youse guys can apparently have all the gas you want, with the emphasis on the all....btw his party got decimated in the next election...they went from a comfortable Parliamentary majority to 2 seats...seems we didn't much like being sold out to youse guys...

...btw Edmonton is much more nicer...still too bad its in Alberta...now, Quebec City and Montreal, are tres cool ( and as an extra added bonus they have the most awesomest WC stuff happening in Sept...y'all should should come up and enjoy the fun, the food, the civilized life....).


Quebec City is one of the most impressive cities in North America. I like the place. Montreal is OK but some parts, I will stay away from like most large cities.

The NAFTA agreement sure does not really help out us normal people when it comes to taking jobs on either side of the border does it.

With the amount of natural resources Canada has makes your country so valuable. Now the Tim Hortons I'm not a great big fan but it will do. Who could say to Time for Tim's.

I'm not sure the presidential election will effect Canada as much as the congressional election will. Seems to me that Congress does more for the relations between USA and Canada.

Ya man Sep does look to be interesting time to be around Montreal.
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