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Old 11-06-12, 06:49
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Great guy,always had a wee word of encouragement for you when he went past at over 30 mph
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Old 11-06-12, 09:16
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Steel is the future
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Old 11-06-12, 13:56
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Obree is a fascinating man, half athlete half mad scientist. He really embodies the dance between technology and athleticism that's always there in cycling. Sometimes it is about the bike, at least partly. Many of us are interested in the ways that technology can make us faster, Obree more than most and he has the lungs and legs to drive his machines. If he weren't such a singular character, I'd say that cycling needs more Graeme Obrees.

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Old 11-06-12, 14:02
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So... what household equipments have been sacrified in the making of 'Beastie'?
In Italy when you need a coffee you need the right barista, so you need to teach Chris [Juul Jensen] how to make the right coffee.
Lars Michaelsen during the Tinkoff-Saxo team briefing before stage 11 of the 2014 Giro d'Italia.
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Old 11-07-12, 03:44
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Such a shame he didn't come into the sport 10-15 years earlier, as he probably had the engine to be an excellent pro

Great to see that there is still ambition and fire there even after everything that he's been through.
How to ride like a Tour champion!

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