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Old 11-10-12, 20:12
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Default Knee pain

Throwing this out there to see if anyone has any ideas.

My right knee has been giving me trouble all year.

It goes like this: Pre-ride no pain at all. I ride for a while in lower gears to warm up-no pain. After warm up, I flip it into the big ring and cruise along at a decent clip. Not hammering just cruising-no pain. Then I get to some obstacle that causes me to slow way down, like a red light-no pain. Then when I put pressure on the pedals to come back up to speed I get intense cramp-like pain just to the left side of my right kneecap. This pain does not seem to involve the kneecap. It is to the left of the right kneecap when leg is straight and more at the end of the inner quad when the knee is bent. Put your finger to the left of your kneecap when straight and bend and you will see what I mean. After about 5-10 pedal strokes the pain is gone again and I can cruise in the big ring again with no pain. When the ride is done I get off the bike and there is no pain, no swelling, no tenderness. I can do pretty much anything off the bike with no pain. The only thing I found that can bring this pain on off the bike is doing leg extensions on a weight machine.
I use time pedals, so I have float, the bike set up is pretty much the same as I have been using for years. This is not just an ache or sore muscles. When I say intense I mean INTENSE pain. It's like a knife is being rammed into my knee.

Any ideas?

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Old 11-11-12, 16:26
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Have you adjusted saddle height to see if the pain persists? Bring the saddle down a little perhaps.
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