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Old 11-13-12, 09:42
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Final update: Congratulations skidmark!

The game has come to an end and it's time to crown our new champion. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has participated - I hope to see you again next in 2013

Second, thanks to everyone who have helped me out during the season when I've been busy, and a special "thank you" to CQmanager!

And then let's make it official: congratulations skidmark! It has been in the cards for a while, but now skidmark can finally brag about being the 2012 CQ Ranking champion.

Nothing changed in the top 3 this week, so a congratulations to Kvinto and Nyssinator seems appropriate as well. TeoSheva managed to sneak himself into the top 5 by overtaking Armchair cyclist, while Netserk pushed bicing out of the promised top 10 in the very last moment.

Final Top 10:

1. (1) skidmark - 19345
2. (2) Kvinto - 18087
3. (3) Nyssinator - 17761
4. (4) FF'Wilco - 17105
5. (6) TeoSheva - 17085
6. (5) Armchair cyclist - 17084
7. (7) EvansIsTheBest - 16900
8. (8) mc_mountain - 16474
9. (9) shalgo - 16435
10. (12) Netserk - 16314


The good, the bad and the ugly

Let's take a look at the backbone of the game: the riders.

A special award for the best unique pick percentage wise goes to the_fool_on_the_hill for including Julian Kern in his team. Kern managed a return of 13000% costing a single CQ point and giving 130 in return. This statistic doesn't include zero pointers, of course.

In absolute terms, Tom Boonen was the best rider costing 502 points and giving 2202 in return, but he was by no means a unique pick. Instead that price goes to adamski101 for picking Wiggins who, with a profit of 1365, was the second best pick in the game in absolute terms.

The best rider in absolute terms who wasn't picked by a single team was Lars Petter Nordhaug who turned out to be the 13th best pick in the game measured in this way, costing 180 points and giving 827 in return.

Percentage wise, the best rider not picked was the Russian Anton Samokhvalov who would have given you 113 points for the measly cost of 1 CQ point.

That was the good ones. Let's have a look at the bad - and the ugly!

In absolute terms, the absolute worst pick in the game was one of the best last year: Philippe Gilbert. Costing an extraordinary 3168 point noone was crazy enough to include Gilbert in their team and as he only would have returned 1086 points, that was probably a good decision.

Four teams was probably more than dissapointed by Andy Schlecks performances this year, though. Costing 1152 points, al_pacino, Blues in the Bottle, Swede1 and Team Kapiris spent the big bucks to include Andy in their teams, but I think they regret this decision now. Returning only 20 points - a measly 2% of his 2011 score - the younger of the Schleck brothers was arguably the worst pick in the game.

Two years running now...

2012 was quite a deroute for the defending champion. ingsve only managed a 49th place in his quest for an impossible double, but let's take a look at the standings when combining the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

With a third place last year and an eight place this year, mc_mountain is, with 11 points, the best team when combining both years. Only one other team has managed to finish top 10 both years: Armchair cyclist with a 9th and a 6th place for 15 points total. The Hitch takes third in this aggregated leaderboard with a 6th and a 13th place for 19 points total.

Aggregated top 5 based on placings:

1. mc_mountain - 11 points
2. Armchair cyclist - 15 points
3. The Hitch - 19 points
4. skidmark - 22 points
5. MADRAZO - 24 points
5. LukeSchmid - 24 points

Another way of determining the best team over the last two years is by looking at the combined amount of points earned. Here skidmark also leads because of his dominating 2012 while mc_mountain and Armchair cyclist's stability comes up short.

Aggregated top 5 based on points:

1. skidmark - 30429
2. mc_mountain - 29144
3. Armchair cyclist - 29126
4. Waterloo Sunrise - 28454
5. The Hitch - 28374

Error corrected

Thanks for a great season!
Originally Posted by Ryo Hazuki View Post
contador is such a coward

Last edited by Hugo Koblet; 11-13-12 at 12:48.
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Old 11-13-12, 11:39
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I'll add my congratulations to the winner and to those who pushed him close(ish) and had a team of good picks.

Also thanks to Hugo for running the game and CQmangager for the site and the GT games during the year.

I have only a small regret pick Andy. I didn't think he'd be a great pick but I didn't expect him to score basically nothing. I was maybe more disappointed with another couple of my selections who've lost points two years in a row, but not enough to not select one of those again.
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Old 11-15-12, 09:07
Nyssinator Nyssinator is offline
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Thanks for all the effort Hugo_Koblet and CQManager!

I really enjoyed this game. I'm a CQ-junkie and it was just awesome researching for this game. Finding talents and watch them blossom in the following year is pretty satisfying.
Getting a third place in this competition was really cool. Of course a bunch of luck involved, but I am really happy with my Degenkolb pick which was pretty rare among the top contenders. Congratulations to skidmark and Kvinto. skidmark was hugely impressive and almost demolished the rest of us!

I'm looking forward to start researching for next year. Gonna be awesome!

Is the web site gonna be updated next year like it was this year? I've read that people preferred the excel-document, but I really don't understand that. I thought the web site was pretty awesome and saved me from downloading stuff and opening Excel.
If we pick the team on the web site it would really take some of the mind numbing tasks of Hugo, but I guess the decision has been made.
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Old 11-15-12, 19:55
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Honored to finish in the middle. 65th out of 130 at my first attempt.
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Old 11-16-12, 01:43
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6th position for this week...not bad,eh?
Originally Posted by diggercuz View Post
second post ever after reading the forum for the last few years and one thing i must say, ACF94 is probably the most intelligent poster here, never biased to BMC or Cadel, and never gets worked up over anything.
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Old 12-18-12, 12:38
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I want to play this game, too, but i am a newbie and my english is not so good. Well, I have some questions.

Is it right, that I go to the website and then I now can register. Then I have to send an PM with the name of the riders, I wish to have in my team for the season 2013? To which adress I have to send this PM? And how much money do I have and where can I see the Bikeriders, I can buy? During the season, can I buy riders again, or is the transfer period closed, when the first race started? Have I to nominated 8 or 9 riders of my team, before there is a race, or are automatically all my riders I have nominated?

Thanks for answers
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Old 12-18-12, 15:10
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Originally Posted by Team Riis View Post

I want to play this game, too, but i am a newbie and my english is not so good. Well, I have some questions.

Is it right, that I go to the website and then I now can register. Then I have to send an PM with the name of the riders, I wish to have in my team for the season 2013? To which adress I have to send this PM? And how much money do I have and where can I see the Bikeriders, I can buy? During the season, can I buy riders again, or is the transfer period closed, when the first race started? Have I to nominated 8 or 9 riders of my team, before there is a race, or are automatically all my riders I have nominated?

Thanks for answers
Here you can find the riders and how much they cost

You need to pick 25 riders at least, and 33 is the max amount of riders you can have.

You can spend up to 7500 points.

The cost of a rider is the amount of points he scored in the last season (2012) BUT there are some exceptions, you find them here.

First of all, suspended riders are no longer unavailable. Last year you were not allowed to pick a rider who was suspended when the game started, but this year this rule has been deleted and all riders are now available.

Second, a rider’s [ex-doper] value is now equivalent to that of his last full season or if he in between has had a season in which he has earned more points, that season represents his value. It sounds complex, so let’s take a look at two examples:

Contador was suspended from July 2010 until August 2012. This means that 2010, 2011 and 2012 has been affected by his suspension. His last full season is therefore 2009, and the points earned in this season then represent his value: 2272. Had Contador hypothetically earned 2500 points this season, that number would have exceed that of his last full season and his value would then have been 2500.

This is more or less the case with Pozzato. Pozzato received a three months suspension in the middle of this season; hence his value should be that of his last full season, 2011, in which he scored 301 points. However, despite his suspension, he managed to earn 460 points this year which therefore represents his value.
Once your team is done, send it in a PM to Hugo Koblet, he is the organizer of this game. But you need to send in your team before the first race of the season starts (which is somewhere in the beginning of January) so make sure you send in your team before that date (I'm sure Hugo can tell you the date)

You need to use this layout for your team

After you have sent in the team there is nothing you need to do, you don't have to select teams for each race. At the end of the season the one who scored most points with his or her riders wins. So make sure you pick riders who can do better in 2013 than they did in 2012, picking for example Joaquin Rodriguez who scored 3000+ points in 2012 is not a good idea.

In the 2013 thread you can find more information and in the speculation/namedropping thread you can find some good picks and you can ask questions when you're not sure if a rider is a good pick.
"The second place is not good."
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Old 12-30-12, 01:14
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Congratz to the winners and close finishers!

Thanks for hosting Hugo looking forward to next years game.

Also thanks to CQManager
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Old 12-31-12, 02:24
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Knocked out of the top five by one point on the last day!

I'm amazed at my year on year performance, because I have really only followed cycling through the year with really close attention for about three years, although I had a some interest for many years previously.

This time last year, I had a "short"list of somewhere in the order of 170 riders. So many riders, in fact, that I shall now admit to multiple registration and entries, with my second, third and fourth choice teams being Cuyphagist (113th: my reserve team beat a handful of teams) and the only two teams to record a negative score: Sdrawkcab and Weeley Wheeler. Sorry if this was an abuse of the system: at least I have proved to myself that second (and third and fourth) ranked teams are not worth pursuing, and that it does not lessen the frustration of choices made (I somehow managed to fail to transfer Luke Durbridge from my shortlist to any of my four teams).

And yet despite such a huge shortlist, I managed to totally overlook one of my favourite riders: Luis Leon Sánchez. I could have gained enough points by picking him over the more expensive Kruijswijk to move into third, and had extra spending points that might have pushed me higher still. Arrgghhh

This year, however, my shortlist has one rider on it: a Luxembourger who apparently climbs well. I'll put together some sort of list (oh: I've just had a look at page one: I have 5 more days to put a list together than I thought) but I have little confidence of boosting my position in the aggregated rankings. mc mountain: the road is open to you to be the only three time top tenner.
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Old 01-16-13, 21:53
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I guess the game has started and it is too late to join?
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