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Old 11-14-12, 02:41
Pazuzu Pazuzu is offline
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Default general anesthesia?

For those who've gone under. Is it even describable -- perhaps as a sort semiconsciousness or a dreamlike state? Or is it a complete blackout? A void.
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Old 11-14-12, 02:50
Ferminal Ferminal is offline
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I forget

It's just sleeping, exactly the same, albeit a heavy sleep. The grogginess of waking up is the hardest part.
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Old 11-14-12, 02:58
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Complete out.

then you slowly realize you are waking up.....much later
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Old 11-14-12, 03:19
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They tell you to count down. You never get to zero. I don't remember what number I got to, neither do I remember when I was out completely.

On waking up from it, I remember feeling somewhat fuzzy. I would be awake for a while, then fall asleep. I did this repeatedly. It actually makes you feel somewhat weird.
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Old 11-14-12, 03:26
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Out for the count.

I was on the operating table when the anesthesiologist opened the tap on the juice. It felt real cold running into the IV on my hand and my whole arm started to ache. I remember lifting my head and turning toward him to complain, "Hey, this is really aching!" I was annoyed when he seemed to just ignore me...and that's all I remember. I must have been out within seconds and he obviously knew that I would be.
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Old 11-14-12, 03:32
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I've had three surgeries where I had to be put under. Only for the lumbar laminectomy did they have to put in a catheter. When I woke up and saw that hose coming out of my pecker I called the nurse and told her to take that thing out right away. They didn't want me to walk right away. No dice, made her take it out and I got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak.
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Old 11-14-12, 04:10
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I remember staring up at the ceiling tiles and they were spinning and morphing into different geometries. Sort of like a strong psychedelic trip, but different in that time was compressed instead of expanded and the visuals were less colorful. Woke up and felt fantastic. 10/10 would recommend.
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Old 11-14-12, 05:14
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The worst part was the pinch on the upper side of my hand. Man was that painful. It lasted exactly 2 seconds though.

You just go to sleep. It's great really. I wish I could get that every time I go to the dentist.
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Old 11-14-12, 05:42
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Per the posts above, the start of the story varies depending on the 'how' of a general anathesia. The middle is the same, deep sleep. Waking up and the after effects of whatever general used varies. Sometimes there is a hangover, other times no.
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Old 11-14-12, 09:35
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A few very unfortunate people get into a state of semi-consciousness halfway into the surgery and get to enjoy the rest of the process with extra pain, horror and emotional trauma. Enjoy!
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