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Old 11-18-12, 21:44
Ney the Viking Ney the Viking is offline
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Default Denmark may be centre for doping distribution/production

Source: http://politiken.dk/indland/ECE18172...t-til-danmark/

The article mentions that increasingly many packages with roids and growth hormones are confiscated by danish police and customs. Also many empty packages has been seen going into the country, suggesting either production or repackaging of doping products in Denmark. It is also noted that a lot of the products seemingly is sold to other countries afterwards.

Police says that they cannot mention specific brands but that they have noted several cases that hints at orginised activity and that Denmark may have special status with regards to getting these products.

Antidoping Denmark says that they hope this will mean Police will take action.
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Old 11-18-12, 21:57
coinneach coinneach is offline
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Originally Posted by Ney the Viking View Post
Sarah Lund needs to sort this out and give up on all these kidnaps and murders...actually her boss Brix reminds me a certain Danish TdF winner and team manager........
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Old 11-18-12, 22:00
Ney the Viking Ney the Viking is offline
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Just a few more links to articles regarding one of the companies Alpha-Pharma:

And on a slightly different note, Antidoping Denmark hopes to launch a special unit to hunt doping offenders and danish politicians has been positive to the suggestion: http://politiken.dk/sport/ECE1815257...dopingsyndere/
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Old 11-18-12, 22:34
D-Queued D-Queued is offline
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As a Canadian, home to all of those great Internet drug companies, I am offended.

Surely Canada must hold the title of leading illegal pharmaceuticals supplier.

Probe sheds light on Canada's lucrative online drug industry

...In short, according to the FDA, “nearly all” drugs that are shipped to the U.S. are illegal.

But every day, with little difficulty, U.S. residents order millions of dollars worth of prescription drugs online and have them shipped across borders to their homes....


Lance says he will cooperate with Landis Investigation

"I've done too many good things for too many people"
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Old 11-19-12, 14:10
Dazed and Confused Dazed and Confused is online now
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The market appears big enough to support at least two manufacturing/distribution centers.
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