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Old 11-20-12, 19:25
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Default Lasting 200k days next season ?

How do I train (indoor and outdoor) and what do I do, to last 180k-200k days next season ?

Am I trying to build more base ? or is it a combination of things ?

Any suggestions would be of great help..
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Old 11-24-12, 11:28
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Every month this year I have done an easy 200k ride. Just slap on the audio book on the ipod and role. Its the best way to keep all day stamina in the legs and body.
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Old 12-11-12, 05:39
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As Durian said above, on those reeeaaalllyyy long days, you grab plenty of food, a few extra water bottles, the iPod and a few mates (if possible) and just spin.

Try and avoid places where you will stop and start a lot and don't get too aggressive in the hills. If you aren't used to that kind of distance you may end up struggling after about 3/4 of the distance.
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Old 12-11-12, 07:18
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I resisted replying to this thread as I thought it was a troll.....seriously you ride what you train, wanna ride 200 then train it. If all your doing is 40 k training rides your body will adapt to this. I would advise against riding with an I-pod, first after a couple of hours your ears will be over it. Second and most important you won't hear the traffic coming up behind you. Best to just get into the 'zone' and listen to the rhythm of your cadence, it's almost a trance like state where the world just rolls by and time just ticks over. Just ride the k's and the 200's will happen.
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