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Originally Posted by hiccuphell View Post
I used to run track, before turning to racing bikes, and Ben Johnson was a hero of mine. I was obviously aware of how the mighty had fallen, but that YouTube clip took it to a whole new level. I actually felt both sad and nauseous. Even Ben kinds of looks at the floor, embarrassed at having to stoop to that level.
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Originally Posted by The Hitch View Post
Its a sad story with Johnson because Lewis, everyone now knows from what has been revealed about US track in the 80's, was doped to the gills to but he can go around callying himself the best athlete ever, though in some ways he is.

But i saw today that lewis was boasting about how he is the only man in history to retain 100m gold. .
But there is a direct line from all this to Armstrong.

It was partly the USOC embarresment over some of the Lewis crap coming out that LED to the Feds coming down heavy in the BALCO case, eventually destroying Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery (quite rightly) in the process.

And it was the aftershocks of that BALCO case that started to make USADA take this **** more seriously, AND co-operate more closely with the Feds, which led directly to the downfall of Armstrong.

The arc of history is long, and all that...
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