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Old 11-21-12, 07:41
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Originally Posted by rantanplan View Post
Vuelta 2013: Angliru, last mountain hit

Great, it would be cool if angliru won't be a stage 14-15 as it usually happens.
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Old 11-22-12, 13:44
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Well, I am going to talk about the Asturian stages from Vuelta.

My predictions:

- Two Asturian stages (on Friday and Saturday), the last week of Vuelta.
- Friday: finishing in Cobertoria (Cubilla has some possibilities too but I think Vueltas prefers Cobertoria from Lena (from the opposite side Vuelta usually climb, more harder than the other one).

The thing is Vuelta wants to make the last climb harder and go to Gamoniteiru (Cobertoria + 5 km - according to this article: http://www.lne.es/deportes/2012/11/2...a/1329845.html) but is a real problem because there not enough space at the top of the climb.

- Saturday: finishing in Angliru.

It's FUN, isn't it?.

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Old 11-22-12, 13:49
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No not again Angliru Why not wait 2-3 more years
Originally Posted by Afrank
Froome see's how Contador is already dressing himself in yellow in anticipation for July, how he rides with no helmet without fear, how he and his loyal second in command Kreuziger have grown thin, how he takes on the sprinters in a bunch sprint, and how Contador has given previews of what others will face in July in the form of Giro 2011 pictures....

...and he feels fear...
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Old 11-22-12, 13:53
Asturiano Asturiano is offline
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Old 11-22-12, 14:00
Asturiano Asturiano is offline
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Old 11-22-12, 14:13
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it won't surprise me if the organizers will put the finish beyond those gates, straight to the second antennas
cool ramp

Vino 4ever

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Old 11-22-12, 14:32
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the vuelta trying to add some final steep km's to another climb that doesn't need them? color me surprised
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Old 11-22-12, 14:38
Ferminal Ferminal is offline
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I think Gamoniteiru would be the best of the recent "new" climbs in the Vuelta. The finishing ramp isn't crazy steep. It's basically two very steep sections of 6km with a relatively shallower 2km separating.

Much more like a Mortirolo or Zoncolan, with the potential to break up at the foot of the climb.
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Old 11-22-12, 17:37
Asturiano Asturiano is offline
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This is the top of Angliru where the arrival of the stage takes place.

If you take a look at this picture you can see in the distance the top of a big mountain and it's Gamoniteiru.

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Old 11-22-12, 17:45
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Adding Gamoniteiru to the Vuelta is something I am 100% in favour of, even if it's another of those Vuelta "add-another-mountain-wooo!" approaches. Best addition to the race in some time, and with the promise of a similar stage to 2006 before it, it certainly has me intrigued - could be a real queen stage with a couple of climbs before San Lorenzo, Cobertoria, then Gamoniteiru via Cordal. That could be a real, genuine, proper mountain stage, of the sort the Vuelta has been lacking.

However, if they do do that, then I am dead set against Angliru the next day. They'd just be repeating themselves. After all, Angliru stages are pretty much one-climb stages, sure, but the climb is tough enough for that not to be a problem. But Cordal is the nearest thing of any significant difficulty that they could put into the stage. The only ways I can see them satisfactorily reconciling the two without repeating themselves are:
1) one of the stages is much flatter than anticipated;
2) one of the two stages is an MTT;
3) they forgo Gamoniteiru and go with a hellish queen stage doing San Lorenzo, Cobertoria, Cordal AND Angliru, or descending Cobertoria via the Cordal route to Angliru.

All three are disappointing in different ways. 1) because it would involve a disappointing stage (but is most likely as it would fit with Unipublic's recent themes), 2) because it's least likely by a long way, and 3) because it would miss out Gamoniteiru, the inclusion of which is one of the main reasons for excitement about the pronouncements.

Forever tte de la course.
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