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Old 11-23-12, 00:13
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Originally Posted by Parrulo View Post

full footage of ricco on aspin, love him or hate for any reason of the many he gave us, watching this guy climbing is just orgasmic. i don't know what i love more, if the ridiculous acceleration, or the simple increase of the pace on the drops to drop lulu and monfort. no amount of doping gives some1 such a beautiful style.

a shame only a few use the drops for climbing this days, i can only think of nibali, evans and valverde and even them is only every once in a while and not all the time like ricco.
Originally Posted by Ryo Hazuki View Post
horrible. boonen just the same guy as years before and this course is too hard for him. that's why he rode like a coward there were at least 3 guys stronger than boonen today and none of them won: sagan, ballan, pozzato
Originally Posted by The Hitch
Goss will woop boonens candy ass in a sprint he cares about, any day of the week
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Old 11-23-12, 00:34
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I love this one for 3 reasons:

1) It's Robert Millar and he was also first over every other climb of the day (the last of the great climbers?);

2) Greg cracking big style and Fignon digging deep sprinting for the line;

3) Hampsten, catching and passing Greg without a thought of helping him.

OK, make that four. I've still got a Z Jersey that fits

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Old 11-23-12, 00:36
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Originally Posted by jens_attacks View Post
Thanks a lot, much appreciated!!
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Old 06-15-14, 22:42
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Originally Posted by Libertine Seguros View Post
José Manuel Fuente's last-ditch attempt to go from three mountains out - again - to claim the 1974 Giro.

The end of the 1980 Olympic Road Race at Krylatskoye Ring, the biggest international triumph of Sergei Suchorutschenkow, probably the eastern bloc's greatest climber. More for historical purposes than anything else, since the video doesn't actually show how he came to build that 3 minute lead (or how Barinov and Lang came to be several minutes up on the bunch either).
I think Soukho and Barinov, among other Soviets, if they came to the West, could have dominated
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Old 06-16-14, 13:43
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Nairito watch this and learn from the master

Botero TDF 2002:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlD7M0Gfjoo
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Old 06-16-14, 18:57
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Vuelta 1999, 16 stage?
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Old 06-16-14, 18:58
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Originally Posted by Michele View Post
Vuelta 1999, 16 stage?
Not 16.

Just TT and Madrid after that stage. So I guess 19 or 20.
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Old 06-16-14, 19:29
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqVZZcvhlXM great stuff starts at 18:49
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Old 06-17-14, 08:09
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Mikel Nieves win on Val Di Fassa, Giro 2011:


Just watchin this makes me exhausted; 7.5 hours in the saddle (for the winner), everyman for himself, ridiculous timegaps, no grupetto whatsoever.
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