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Old 07-11-12, 20:33
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We are indeed having link problems (I noticed it earlier as well) and they are scheduled to be fixed in the next bug update, which I think will be tomorrow....

I dream of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.
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Old 08-10-12, 20:38
Waterloo Sunrise Waterloo Sunrise is online now
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The McQuack Armstrong story has a news story headline, so I clicked the link and discovered it was just an opinion piece written by someone who's opinion I do not want.

Suggest you make a comment section, or follow standard journalistic practice of not conflating the two.
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Old 11-25-12, 10:21
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Default Form Fitness Q&A

Hello, trying to search through the F&F Q&A I found a gap between the latest article in "autobus" from May 2009 and the oldest article in present website from October 2011. Are those articles in between anywhere to be found? And btw, has the Q&A been canceled this year?

Also, at the bottom of the website, there is link to fitness which doesn't work - it points to tags/fitness and correct is tags/fitness.

Other than that, I love cyclingnews :-)

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Old 11-25-12, 10:22
michaladil michaladil is offline
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Sorry, it should be tag/fitness
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