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Old 10-26-12, 20:26
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Default Health Benefits of Cycling Exercise

Cycling is good for muscles like riding a bicycke is great for toning and building our muscles, especially in the lower half of the body & calves, thighs and rear end. Cycling is also good for waistline like lot of calories are burn while riding, especially when we cycle faster than a leisurely pace and cycling has been also associated with helps to keep weight gain down & also increases our metabolism even after ride is over. Cycling is also beneficial for immune system which helps to strengthen our immune system and protect us against certain kinds of cancers.
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Old 11-23-12, 10:50
Frank222 Frank222 is offline
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Bicycling is listed among the top cardio exercises for fitness. Its good for our whole body but it specifically target our abdominal and lower body region. It is considered the best belly fat removing exercise. It strengthen legs and thighs muscles and burn fat around them..
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Old 11-24-12, 19:49
JayKosta JayKosta is offline
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I cycle primarily for enjoyment, any health benefits are a welcome addition but are not my primary motive.

If the primary goal is health benefits, then there are several other exercise types that are more efficient (time spent for benefit received), and less dangerous. e.g. indoor rowing, indoor cross-country ski, eliptical machine, etc.

If cycling is what gets you to exercise, then fine - but other exercises are better for many people.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
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Old 11-26-12, 07:01
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Definitely cycling helps to burn fat.
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Old 12-21-13, 04:54
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Hi Adam,
Cycling reduces and maintain body weight, increase strength and tone muscles. Cycling improve heart health, strengthen immune system and reduce the risk of hypertension, stroke and certain types of cancer. Cycling boost stamina, improve cardiovascular fitness and improve coordination.
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