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Old 11-29-12, 06:11
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Originally Posted by BroDeal View Post
Tommy D.'s Brasstown Bald Blend.

kristins corner swears by it
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Old 02-08-13, 07:29
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Hi Friends,

I think online coffee roasters have higher quality beans than Starbucks or any coffee you can buy in a grocery store. You can find more info about really good coffee at along with links to online coffee retailers who sell quality beans from around the world. Many of these retailers roast their beans daily. I've been buying my beans online for the past year from Willoughby's Coffee and I love their coffee.

Thanks a lot again.
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Old 01-04-14, 17:40
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Default 1k2go coffee

Had to join to add to some good beans! 1k2go coffee sells some solid artisan beans roasted in Vermont and sold to support junior racing in Vermont.

The medium makes a great espresso.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a travel sized grinder now?
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Old 01-05-14, 16:00
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Originally Posted by newenglandRoad View Post

Anyone have a good recommendation for a travel sized grinder now?
This Krups had served me well for years. Of course, I got it many years ago, if you buy it now I can't say the quality is the same.

As to the OP - I know this is an old thread, but being I used to be a barista at what used to be Seattle's Best Coffee (Starbucks' biggest rival in Seattle way back when), I just have to pitch in.

I got to sample many coffees, my favorite was Seattle's Best "Henry's Blend". Just last year I was looking for Henry's Blend online because the SBC you get at the grocery store nowadays is crap, Henry's is no longer available, so I was looking for a replacement.

I searched online and ordered a sampler from what I guess was Seattle's Best original roasterie on Vashon Island, one of their blends ("Wolf") comes very close to Henry's. So I'm a happy camper.

PS - I grind my own beans and drink it Turkish style, I like it hardcore. I'm going to have some right now, there's nothing like the smell of freshly made coffee first thing in the morning.
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