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General Which tyres for Paris-Roubaix? Whose time trial bike is fastest? Suspension mountain bikes or singlespeeders? Talk equipment here.

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Old 12-03-12, 21:46
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That sucks! "Road of Bones" is on my bucket list thanks to you. Hope you recover your bike.

You might have been better off starting a new thread with this instead of a post, it'll get lost in the conversation here quickly. Maybe a moderator could move it for you..
Thanks! I just made a new thread.

Definitely go East to west or you won't make it past the first few days, and I'd recommend a 'Cross bike with suspension seatpost over my setup. Old (Summer) road has unbridged crossings that are likely not wadeable until mid July. Use Yandex maps and don't ride the Lena hwy. Got lots more advice if you want it!
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Old 12-18-12, 08:00
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How about a full custom made in Italy Sarto.Much cheaper than an S works Venge or other similar China made super bike in a limited range of sizes.
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Old 12-19-12, 12:44
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Sky Bib Shorts down to £25 in an adidas shop
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Old 01-18-13, 08:31
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Originally Posted by richwagmn View Post
So your assertion is that only people in Europe can be craftsmen?

It's a shame no one has ever told Lexus that they manufacture crap.
WTF??? Nothing to do with continent, everything to do with process.

From the Webster: Definition of CRAFTSMAN

1: a worker who practices a trade or handicraft
2: one who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially

See photos above in my original post.

Some people ...
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