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Old 12-06-12, 10:39
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Default Jose Maria Jimenez RIP

He doesn´t have his own thread in here, so here it is. Today, it´s nine years.

Please don´t move it to the clinic, it´s for the person, not about the drugs.


+ 06.12.2003
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Old 12-06-12, 10:45
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rest in peace chava

Vino 4ever
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Old 12-06-12, 12:15
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Nine years already, hard to believe.....

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Old 12-06-12, 12:16
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What was the official explanation of his depression?
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Old 12-06-12, 20:45
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One of my first cycling heroes.

RIP Chava.
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Old 12-07-12, 01:59
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I remember him going on the attack with Carlos Sastre (his brother in law) in the Vuelta one year but sadly Sastre had to drop back to his team leader. That would have been a great duel to watch. He was a real loss.
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Old 12-07-12, 08:44
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One of his best moments, winning in Neila (video)
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