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General From the kilo to the hour record, if it's on the velodrome it goes in here

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Originally Posted by CobbleStoner View Post
world cups and world championships you compete for your nation, 6-Days are kind of an old boys network where each race decides what sponsers get what riders, the riders will wear their trade team shorts, but not jerseys, and not always paired up with trade teammates, and Sky is not part of that network, so the Revolution series is the only one they can do as Team Sky, and they do them all.
I just hope Cav's move to OPQS will give him to opportunity to get back on the boards, him and Iljo would be unstoppable in the 6-days
I believe it was the track world cup event a couple of years ago where Britain fielded two teams.. one called GB and one called Team Sky.

Though the Team Sky one consisted of Vicky, Hoy rather than actually the riders from Team Sky.
Originally Posted by El Pistolero View Post
Gratz to Cav.
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Default lance's illustrious idea

From what I heard, he kept comparing his watts and speed on a time trial bike to the old-style bike record. Turns out he was way short of the speed needed. The track bike he was 'testing' wasn't round tubes anyway and his wheels had aero spokes. Some say it was just a publicity stunt. The talk switched to altitude, which was his best chance to get his speed near 50.

Maybe Wiggins can win the Giro and take the summer to train for the hour?
How about a tandem hour record with Cancellara?
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He goes with TdF form he wins it easy, but that's the point of winning that?
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