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View Poll Results: Boni Seconds in the tour? Bring it Back?
Yes. 31 41.89%
Yes but only on flat stages. 6 8.11%
Yes but limited (eg. 10/6/4) 16 21.62%
No. 21 28.38%
Voters: 74. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12-23-12, 21:43
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Originally Posted by auscyclefan94 View Post
Simply because it is not based on the true time of the event therefore the person who completes the course in the fastest time is not necessarily the winner every time. That is how it falsifies the results.
Noble course, but I disagree. A try is worth more than a field goal etc.
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Old 12-23-12, 22:47
biopass biopass is offline
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Voted no.

Anyone going for an advantage, say a climber versus a tt-specialist stage rider, should attack far away and not just suck wheel and go for a small sprintvictory that is awards with several extra seconds.
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Old 12-23-12, 22:51
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I dont care about bonus seconds usually, but if theres a ttt in there you have to give the people that start the race with a deficit somewhere to get the time back.
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Originally Posted by The Father of Clean Cycling, Christophe Bassons
When I look at cycling today, I get the impression that history is repeating itself: riders who are supposed to be rouleurs are climbing passes at the front of the race, and those who are supposed to be climbers are riding time trials at more than 50 kilometres per hour.

The story is beginning again, just as it did 14 years ago
journalist with integrity.
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Old 12-23-12, 22:57
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I say yes to bonus seconds so long as they are not too big. I think they offer a good balance between the TTers and the climbers. If it's a really TT heavy Tour like this year, then I wouldn't mind bonus seconds being bigger.
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Old 12-23-12, 23:17
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Yes. Bonus seconds = incentive for great racing!
They should be big enough, similar to next year's Giro (20, 12, 8), otherwise they're useless.

I have no idea why people want them only on flat stages.

Absolute time is overrated.
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Old 12-24-12, 02:13
rzombie1988 rzombie1988 is offline
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They should be in all GT's. The Giro and the Vuelta had them and at the worst they ended the garbage of gift victories. I don't know why the tour doesn't do them except for the fact that they like doing the same boring format each year. I'd totally be up for more bonus seconds during other parts of the stage as well.

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Old 12-24-12, 02:53
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Originally Posted by auscyclefan94 View Post
Totally different. That is a matter of safety and logic because not everyone can be at the front and the time differences lost and made because of those sprints is negligible.
On some finish climbs you can see several riders get ST when there were clear gaps between them.
The last rider in the 'group' might be 5-10 secs back from the first but thanks to no two riders being more than a full second apart they get ST. If they changed the allowable gap to say 0.5 secs it would sort those cases out whilst not compromising the safety for sprint finishes.

Re bonifications, yes at all KOM points proportional to points on offer.
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Old 12-24-12, 03:27
abbaskip abbaskip is offline
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It adds more excitement to the first week - regarding sprinters chasing the yellow for a day (which they deserve, as they're the dominant riders of the first week).

Those saying it falsifies the result - the same goes for the group getting the same time. Obviously the argument here is for safety, however at the end of the day Cavendish is still going to finish well ahead of Schleck in a sprint stage - even disregarding all safety aspects.

It also means you see the sprinters have a crack in the prologue - which adds to that event. As it is, the prologue is basically only contested by time triallers and prologue specialists. Loads of sprinters are decent prologue riders who can figure in the top 10-20 in that stage.

At the top of mountain stages they shouldn't be too big - you don't want to give someone a big bonus just by out sprinting their rival - as generally you get much less 'grouping' by the commissaires on mountain stages anyway. But some small bonuses just to split up guys on level times etc would be nice.
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Old 12-24-12, 05:32
movingtarget movingtarget is offline
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Unless a sprinter is a good prologue rider or they are in a team with a strong TTT it has an effect on the yellow jersey. Bonuses worked in the Vuelta but I would prefer the TTT to be scrapped or only be short or have a short TTT in the morning and a short road stage in the afternoon. But it is better to have the three grand tours doing things differently. Most of the Tour wins since Armstrong's reign have been close victories except for 2012 and 2009. This is what Prudhomme wants.
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Old 12-24-12, 06:08
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I would say no, because I'm afraid it'll encourage GC riders to leave it as late as possible on mountain finishes. Why would they attack to gain half a minute with 5 km still to climb when they could do the same (with the 20 second bonus, of course) in the final kilometre?
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