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Old 12-23-12, 21:16
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Originally Posted by Buffalo Soldier View Post
I don't see the problem with the Lotto kit? It's a clear design, a good color scheme (national colors, also), and rather fresh.

Euskaltel, on the other hand, has its worst jersey in years, imho.
Good color schemes always consist of two or three main colors, Lotto just wanted the Telenet money so adding a fourth was the only option. Maybe it's your 'nationalistic' bias, but Lotto's 2013 design is far from good looking.
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Old 12-23-12, 21:28
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They should have declined a big sponsor because of their jersey?

I know i'm the odd one here, since no single other person seems to like it, but of course "de gustibus etc..."
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Old 12-23-12, 21:47
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Originally Posted by El Pistolero View Post
Am I the only one that doesn't think much of this kit lol? I'm not going as far as to say it's ugly, but I'm really indifferent to it. Guess I'm not a fan of the colours they're using.

Blanco cycling team looks like a laundry detergent team to me.
Agree for the most part. It's not a bad jersey, but it's not that great either. I like how they went a little darker but would have liked a little more design in it. Just a little too simple for my taste
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Old 12-23-12, 21:49
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Originally Posted by auscyclefan94 View Post
Parrulo, why do you think this kit is any good? I personally like last year's kit because the background used a shade of blue that was slightly lighter which complemented the green really well. The background this year is too dark and does not stand out well.
this years blue is much darker but also much brighter then last years, with the florescent green both on the front and on the back the contrast should make this kit very easily to spot.

unlike previous incarnations of the team movistar is right now the only top sponsor the team has so obviously they only use their colours.

some may think the kit is dull because it only has 2 colours and compare it to leopard trek and sky but the truth is the colours of the leopard trek were black and some washed out baby blue which didn't stand out at all and sky is full black with a type of blandish blue. so they were totally different from the dark but bright blue and florescent green of movistar imo. also when sky changed their kit in 2011 for the green version with the bright green the kit improved 10 fold imo.
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Old 12-24-12, 07:49
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until now, best jersey Lotto belisol: the yellow suits very good. Love it.
Also good Euskaltel

Movistar too bare, the rest nothing special.

Lets wait for sky by rapha
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Old 12-24-12, 08:01
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Originally Posted by Netserk View Post
What can I say. Coldeportes' is also one I absolutely love.

Though I also like some of the more colourful like Illes Balears (2005)

my favorites are:

also I loved these teams
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Old 12-24-12, 11:35
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Originally Posted by Ryo Hazuki View Post
my favorites are:

also I loved these teams
Man I love that Tecos jersey.
Colombia es Pasion 2011 was awesome too: http://ospina.com/wordpress/wp-conte.../nquintana.jpg
...[Walsh] thinks we're ahead of the curve. But think about it for a sec. We're building long-lasting, trusting relationships with people who are spending a lot of money - Coke, Nike, Subaru. If we're f***ing lying, we can kiss it all goodbye. And if we were lying we'd do some stupid stuff to try to cover it up, wouldn't we? Does anybody think for a second that a secret that big wouldn't come out? Bill Stapleton
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Old 12-24-12, 23:00
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If we're talking Colombian jerseys, the best is 2011 Nectar Cundinamarca-Pinturas Bler:


Forever tte de la course.
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Old 12-24-12, 23:33
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Originally Posted by Dazed and Confused View Post
well its wearable, but I do somewhat agree that the base line design is dull. Very good for the sponsor however. Clean and cut dry.

Edit: I prefer Coldeportes '12 over this.
+100000 One of my all-time favorite kits.
"It's a little bit scarey when Contador attacks." Tommie Voeckler
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Old 12-27-12, 15:59
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vini fantini - sella

bardiani - csf (former csf colnago)
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