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View Poll Results: What's your favourite thing about the forum?
Polls 1 2.63%
Previews from the Hitch 3 7.89%
Argumetns between the Hitch and Pisti 3 7.89%
LaFlorecita 2 5.26%
Laughing at Ryo Hazuki when Colombians fail 3 7.89%
Laughing at Airstream when Andy Schleck fails 0 0%
Going nuts during epic rides 4 10.53%
The Alberto Contador fanboy/fangirl family 0 0%
The clinic 5 13.16%
Other, Vino 17 44.74%
Voters: 38. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12-23-12, 11:19
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Originally Posted by krebs303 View Post
"The second place is not good."
The great Alberto Contador
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Old 12-23-12, 14:41
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Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
Everything before Daotec was permabanned and before some fanboys and Boredefrancetards (whom I won't mentioned otherwise I can get banned) registered around summer 2010.
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Old 12-23-12, 14:52
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And also Daotec is not truly banned:
Originally Posted by El Pistolero View Post
Gratz to Cav.
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Old 12-24-12, 10:04
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One of the thread's I've enjoyed most was 'who is the most wheelsucker in the peloton??', in which boomcie was hilarious

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Old 12-24-12, 11:44
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General Politics thread. I get to read my genious political thought about the world without anyone disagreeing with me (because nobody replies )
Originally Posted by diggercuz View Post
second post ever after reading the forum for the last few years and one thing i must say, ACF94 is probably the most intelligent poster here, never biased to BMC or Cadel, and never gets worked up over anything.
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Old 12-24-12, 16:38
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Originally Posted by Hugh Januss View Post
My favorite thing about the forum would have to be the moderators and their fair, even handed, and never puritanical decisions.
I like the sarcasm. I also like the new interesting links at the bottom of the page. The new one about famous lingerie moments is stellar.
"He called me a baboon, he thinks I'm his wife." - Al Czervik
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Old 12-25-12, 16:11
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Forumers getting upset and hacked by useless grammar, spelling is always good.
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Old 12-26-12, 14:19
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My favorite things:
- jens attacks' posting;
- libertine seguros from whose english one can drew upon more and more;
- race design thread;

The things I dislike:
- crazy blind pro Contador fanboysism and avalanche of negative averment to Sky, Schleck and others. Sometimes I wonder either people may really think so (what I highly doubt) or they just desperately try to run away from the things they fear so much. And I inevitably come to the second. The next season will answer many questions.

Damn, why weren't my posts included like a separate point in the pole as the most bright and understandable?

Last edited by red_flanders; 12-26-12 at 19:25. Reason: personal attack
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Old 12-26-12, 18:08
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Then stop replying to these fanboys. It'll be better for everybody.

There's more to cycling than just Contador and Schleck.
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Old 12-26-12, 19:25
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Let's keep this thread positive and remember the rule against attacking other posters. Thanks!
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