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Old 01-05-13, 23:39
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Originally Posted by BroDeal View Post
I LOLed when I read this:

Disgraced cycling champion Lance Armstrong has authorized overtures...

I remember how newspapers seemed to think that Landis' first name was Disgraced Cyclist.

If negotiations ended I assume that Armstrong ran into the eight year minimum ban and decided it was not worth it.
It's a shame Floyd didn't have the foresight to copyright the nickname "Disgraced Cyclist". He had to have known he could eventually sue Armstrong for copyright infringement at some point.
But as RR noted, Lance's threat of divulging involvement by Weisel could be behind his current mea culpa overtures. Johan is in a same position and maybe it's time for both to ca$h in. They may not actually say anything if there is a deposit left on some Caribbean isle. I still think they'll both confine their disclosures to vague references of a bullying UCI to avoid details as Bro says and I agree. If cash is paid to Johan look to him to withdraw his appeal, accept his ban/retirement (which will come anyway) and then confirm Lance's feeble admission of momentary weakness in the controlled environment of press releases.
Thom, Lance and Johan all win that way, at least as much as they could hope for.

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Old 01-05-13, 23:41
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Originally Posted by BroDeal View Post
I am not sure how he can do a full confession. A self-serving mea culpa, yeah, but a full confession that would toss the last allies he has under the bus, nope. It is likely they have as damaging information about him as he does about them. I don't see how he can risk people talking about him hacking people's e-mail accounts, bugging phones, suborning perjury, evading taxes, etc.

I think he will eventually do a confession just for public consumption with a lot of self-serving justification but no details. It will just be rhetoric.
I agree with this. If all he did was dope, denied for it years, and suddenly makes a confession, I think it could work for him. Hey, he's another cycling doper who wants to clean up the sport.

But it wasn't just about doping with LA. It was also about trying to destroy the careers of those who opposed him. And I don't believe he'll apologize for any of that ever.
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Old 01-05-13, 23:51
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Default Correct

Originally Posted by Darryl Webster View Post
IF this story is genuine I think it might be best seen as a threat to to confess. Not to diminish any of actions of Armstrong but it seems to me there are many, including possibly high ranking political figures and some extremely wealthy business men who have much to lose from Lance doing a Tyler Hamilton.
The last thing those who havnt established plausible deniability want is him telling everything.
Ergo....Taken as a threat those same people who have, most likely , in the main, kept some distance might start pulling some strings to get the heat of Armstrong . It's very possible he has info that makes Tylers book look like a side dish.
I really don't seen this as about a return to any competition.
This is right on the money. You thought Floyd was creating a wasteland ! This is a unveiled threat to get people to focus on where the chain of fallen dominoes has got to. Not allowing Floyd a ride at the ToC was a dumb decision. Lance is thinking quite straight now and wants a few other people to think that way as well.
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Old 01-05-13, 23:55
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Originally Posted by MarkvW View Post
If Floyd is a big fat liar with very weak credibility (and indeed he is), then Lance is one of the biggest fattest liars that ever walked the face of the earth. Any human being would be a complete moron to trust a single sound that is emitted from the lie projector Armstrong calls a mouth.

Anything, and I mean anything, coming from Armstrong's mouth would have to be corroborated by really good evidence that is free of the Armstrong taint. Otherwise no lawyer would dare bring Armstrong's testimony into court.

No current riders are at risk from Lance's testimony unless there is already substantial corroborative evidence of their doping. That would only apply to USPS Conspiracy dopers, I reckon.

Originally Posted by cineteq View Post
Is Tim still Lance's lawyer?
Doesn't Herman's denial confirm that?

Herman's disclaimer confirms the overture was true. The game is on.


Lance says he will cooperate with Landis Investigation

"I've done too many good things for too many people"
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Old 01-06-13, 00:06
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A confession will bury him. I don't see SCA or the Sunday Times of London settling their lawsuits for less than the appropriate amounts, especially after the monumental arrogance and hubris he displayed towards both entities.

Regardless of what happens he's going to have have to pay up the full total amounts.

As for the Qui Tam case, I don't know. But full reimbursement is on the horizon for both SCA and the Times. He's not going to be able to weasel out of those commitments.
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Old 01-06-13, 00:14
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He didn't last very long in the dessert. Floyd, and Tyler walked for years. Lance can't even not confess for lomger that a month!

He's not very strong is he? Useless.

And Pat gets fatter Lance can't take the heat.

He needs more time in ostracised island.
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Old 01-06-13, 00:17
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Originally Posted by Carols
"I think this is a back door 'float a balloon' to see the reaction and whether it might be worthwhile for him to attempt.

So far the public reaction is decidedly adverse; he is being hosed over here and laughed at!"

I agree with this also, Carols. Especially it was obvious how the soft soap started with Sally and Watson putting their stupid groveling spew out there...

Armstrong hosed over so many folks... I hope his 'forgive me' plea gains no traction from those who don't understand what he did.

It looks like he will be forced to explain himself under oath at some date in the near future though...
craig walsh always with us
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Old 01-06-13, 01:57
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Originally Posted by 86TDFWinner View Post
ESPN'S reporting Wonderboy is "considering" admitting to the whole enchilada, so he can get back to.competition.
It's a bit late for this, eh?
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Old 01-06-13, 02:28
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Default just an idle threat.

No way he confesses.

Right now he is despised and quickly going broke. If he confesses, he's still broke, despised and then possibly going to prison. This is a leaked story for the purpose of threatening people with more to lose who Armstrong is relying on for future financial support.

Could you imagine the sh!t storm if it came out that Weisel and Phil Knight were involved in organizing the doping?
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Old 01-06-13, 02:40
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Originally Posted by ustabe View Post
It's a bit late for this, eh?
Eh, if he cleans out the entire barn is that so bad?
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