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Old 09-17-12, 17:11
Erikvd Erikvd is offline
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I have the same problem. I try to reactivate the Live subscription after reinstalling the app on my iPhone, and I get an error message "No Products. Unable to find any products tat can be purchased; if there is an app upgrade available please install it".
It seems that Cyclignews app has been removed from the app store.

I don't like the mobile web version, it contains adds that I don't want, plus the navigation is more cumbersome that the app.

Please bring back the Cyclingnews app in the app store.

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Old 09-28-12, 14:22
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krebs303 krebs303 is offline
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An Android app would also be helpful.
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Old 01-27-13, 01:42
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Cobber Cobber is offline
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There is a substitute for the app which is pretty easy to set up as follows:

1. Open safari and load the website m.cyclingnews.com
2. Press the "arrow in the box" button at the bottom of the page (the same one you use to add bookmarks)
3. Select "Add to home screen"

This will add a app that loads the cyclingnews mobile web site.

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Old 04-27-13, 09:54
Roude Leiw's Avatar
Roude Leiw Roude Leiw is offline
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Ipad app stopped updating?

Yes i know about the shortcut to mobile site, but the app looks much sleeker on an ipad
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Old 04-29-13, 00:10
martinvickers martinvickers is offline
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Originally Posted by krebs303 View Post
An Android app would also be helpful.
Your wish is my command.

CyclingNews for Android

If you like it, share it around. If not, no sweat.
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Old 06-11-13, 19:11
TheDude TheDude is offline
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Originally Posted by krebs303 View Post
An Android app would also be helpful.

Lack of Android for Cyclingnews or any of the magazine subscriptions has prevented my subscribing. Cost of paper editions sent to the states is a bit much - and I'll never have an Apple device after prior experience with them.
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