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Old 03-10-09, 17:46
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Default Epic MTB rides

One of the great joys of mountain biking is the epic ride with friends. For my riding buddies an Epic means a ride of ambitious length and difficulty, takes several hours longer than we told our spouses, someone breaks something (bike or body) and we usually run out of provisions along the way.

1) Lake Pleasant to Crown King - 65 miles and all climbing to the turn around point. 10 hours at best.

3) Soul Ride - 100 mile event that used to be run in Tucson, Arizona. Got pulled at 73 miles (12 hours in) and have been hassling the promoter to bring the ride back so I can get a crack at finishing.

What are your epics?
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Old 03-11-09, 02:39
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To my best riding buddy & me, epic means more than 2x our normal daily mileage; to our 3rd wheel (now in Iraq), epic would have been anything where he could hang with us for more than five miles. To my daughter, epic is anything that doesn't have a destination -- winds up in the area of 15-25 miles.

Now, when I ride solo, epic is not only more than 2x daily, it's seeing corners of town/county I've not seen. It's 3+ hours of sweat and burning lungs; emptying the 2-liter bladder in my hydration pack, plus the 20oz. Gatorade.
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Old 03-18-09, 15:45
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After moving to Norway from Alabama in late '07, my definition of an epic ride has changed considerably. I'll just say I really had no idea....

That said, I couldn't be happier. The season is short here (for me, not the natives...), but the riding is just unbelievable.
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Old 03-24-09, 18:02
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Default The overnighter

Through my blog I've taken up a challenge to ride a century once a month every month for this year. These are epic rides as mine are offroad. I enjoy spending time in the saddle and after your bum goes numb then its all the same
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Old 02-15-13, 06:44
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Thought I’d revive this thread.

epic ride -- Mountain Hero Trail, near Whitehorse, Yukon (28 km, climbs 1400 m)

Ride starts with a climb up old mining roads on Montana Mountain that level off in the alpine. Amazing views at the summit with historic mining artifacts from remains of Mountain Hero silver mine to check out. The descent is singletrack and it's a fast flowy ride down to the tree-line and Nares Lake.

Video clip of the ride:

Edit: Uh oh, it's no longer a secret. Whitehorse was voted world's best biking destination by Outside Magazine 03-12-2013.
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Old 03-05-13, 19:03
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Although not the day long epic-ness destination described above.

the Cooks corner to the luge route is a rare epic short ride (longer if continued Harding-Peak-Joplin-Old Camp-Luge-loop)

but the climbing and descending are equally challenging and the end reward at a biker bar with crummy southern rock cover bands and PBR is epic and the closest thing in socal to a pub loop like UK offers everywhere you ride practically
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