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Old 05-11-10, 22:40
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Originally Posted by Notso Swift View Post
I chased a creak in the BB area once... turned out to be a pedal, not the BB

Sounds like you have narrowed it down, to the actual BB (with the movement) but this is more for other people googling
I too would check pedals, crank arm bolts, pedal threads, crank bolts etc.

I've often been surprised what the source of a noise was after I found it (often just through the process of elimination).
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Old 05-13-10, 06:51
soslow soslow is offline
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[QUOTE=brent242;203499]I've had a chronic problem with my Campy Chorus 10-speed crank/bottom bracket creaking.

I assume you are talking about the old style and not the ultra torque.
If you are indeed talking about the cartridge type Chrous BB, I had this problem too. This is what I theorized. The details are a little fuzzy in my head, but there is an aluminum shell that butts up against another aluminum shell that covers the bearings on the chainring side. When you pedal hard or put a torque on the BB these shells slip against each other and aluminum will make a nice snap/creak noise. I had to fix this yearly until the kiddies bought me an ultra torque for my birthday (yeah!) To fix I pulled the BB, took off a snap ring and the whole thing comes apart and I greased the interface between these and the creak went away for a another year. You might be able to use some fluid lub to penetrate the interface and stop this. If this is indeed the problem hope this helps.
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Old 05-13-10, 18:17
norgischnellman norgischnellman is offline
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You know I had the exact same issue with a Centaur BB/crank combo. My LBS where I purchased the bike took it apart twice over 4 years to try to get at the problem, never could fix it. The bike was then stolen and the frame recovered, and I rebuilt it with a Record crank and Record carbon BB, and I just realized on a ride a few days ago, that annoying sound is gone, I hope forever.

The guys at my shop speculated over some cold Sierra Nevadas and pizza that the problem had to do with the fit of the crank arms over the square taper not being perfect, and that no amount of tightening will ever completely eliminate the play.

Solution - new crank and BB. Expensive.
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Old 05-14-10, 03:47
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Yep - I had the same annoying problem with FSA BB/Cranks. Replaced the BB myself and it was great for 80kms or so then back to loud annoying creaking when standing. Decided to take it to another LBS (original one tried but couldn't fix it) and so far after 3 weeks not a sound. Fingers crossed and wandering if as another poster said it has to do with the torque needing to be equal and correct for both sides of the BB. I didn't use a torque wrench as I don't have one - yet. Also wandered if the grease I used (Finish Line Teflon based) was maybe not the best. Maybe a urgh.. greasier.. lube was needed? I will ask this new mechanic the question when I see him next.

When you pedal hard or put a torque on the BB these shells slip against each other and aluminum will make a nice snap/creak noise.
Actually this might be a good point as my bike is aluminium. The original BB did have a washer of some sort that looked like it may have been coated in plastic which had been mashed away. It was only on the left side though. The new BB I purchased did not come with anything so I didn't use a washer on either side. Maybe this is what the new guy installed. Can't really tell with dismantling at the moment.

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