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Old 04-07-12, 23:00
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Originally Posted by 9000ft View Post
Whether Floyd defrauded people by asking them money for his defense has something to do with Lance Armstrong?
The alleged motivation of Armstrong to encourage donations from his wealthy sycophants in his Champions Club was not to assist in exonerating Floyd but to discredit the same French lab that tested his 1999 "B" samples.

Those sycophants could only be induced to donate by Armstrong's fraud that Floyd, like himself, was the subject of a French conspiracy when Armstrong was aware that Floyd was a team PED user on USPS and PED use was obligatory for TdF success.

Any member of the Champions Club could take legal action against LA if he induced those donations by falsely claiming Floyd was clean and had suffered at the hands of a French conspiracy.

David "Tiger" Williams was a member of the Champions Club and has a falling out with Armstrong and may have been instrumental in FL's LA exposure. He could make it hot in the kitchen for LA if he legally sought to recover his donations to the FFF on LA's recommendations.


Mr. Landis says he spent about $2 million on his defense, and that about 70% of the outside money he raised came from this circle of wealthy cycling backers. ....

Mr. Williams was furious, say people familiar with the matter. He talked about suing Mr. Armstrong and said he considered their friendship over, these people say.

Late last year, after Mr. Landis's comeback fizzled, he again began thinking about speaking out about doping. He reached out to Mr. Williams, who told him the story was bound to come out and that Mr. Landis should make sure whatever he said was accurate, Mr. Landis says. Mr. Williams has said that his advice wasn't influenced by his dispute with Mr. Armstrong, according to Mr. Landis and a person familiar with the matter
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