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General Skinny tyres, drop handlebars and mud. Lots of mud.

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Old 04-28-12, 12:17
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Houffalize is a great setting for MTB, I've been there often. It's close to the most famous Liège-Bastogne climbs too (Stockeu, Haute-Levée).

I'll add that Geoff Kabush was an excellent 11th, Todd Wells 45th, Julien Taramarcaz 46th.

In other MTB events:

Paprtska 9th in Teplice on April 21, Loïc Doubey 8th in the Ötztaler MTB Festival (the U23 race) on April 22, Marco-Aurelio Fontana wins the Trofeo Delcar on April 22 and Julien Taramarcaz 7th in Lugano.

And in Nieuwkuijk on April 9

Winner Michiel van der Heijden
Edit:7 Kenta Gallagher
11 Emiel Dolfsma
22 Eddy van IJzendoorn

On the road:

Tour of Catalunya (March 19 to 25)

93 Francis Mourey

Route Adélie of Vitré (1.1)

91 Florian Le Corre (he didn’t cross a lot last winter but I think he was seriously injured)
102 Francis Mourey

Emerald Arrow – St-Malo (1.1)

38 Mathieu Boulo
86 Florian Le Corre
108 Francis Mourey

Circuit de la Sarthe (2.1)

71 Francis Mourey

Volta Limburg Classic (1.1) March 31

28 Christoph Pfingsten

Cycle Tour of Oploo (criterium) April 1

12 Mike Teunissen
17 Gert-Jan Bosman

Tour of Twijzelerheide (criterium) April 7

4 Gert-Jan Bosman

Grand Tour of Gerwen (criterium) April 9
Winner Mike Teunissen
2 Gert-Jan Bosman
9 Micki van Empel

Paris-Camembert (1.1) April 10

60 Mathieu Boulo

Lek en Ijssel Circuit (U23) April 14

12 Micki Van Empel
16 Mike Teunissen
17 Gert-Jan Bosman

Tour of the Finistère (1.1) April 14

39 Mathieu Boulo
50 Florian Le Corre
76 Francis Mourey

Amstel Gold Race

96 Lars Boom
142 Steve Chainel

Bati-Metallo GP (Juniors) April 15

3 Mathieu van der Poel

Tro Bro Léon (1.1) April 15

32 Francis Mourey
42 Nicolas Bazin

Tour of the Maaskantje (criterium) April 15

10 Micki van Empel
30 Eddy van IJzendoorn

Tour of Trentino (2.1) April 17 to 20

19 John Gadret

Tour of Düren (Nat) April 22

7 Christoph Pfingsten

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Old 04-29-12, 18:35
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Georgia Gould wins the Sea Otter Classic.

And Geoff Kabush in the Men's Race.

Troy Wells also present but I don't have full results yet. Todd Wells, too?

Road Results:

KNWU Tijdritcompetitie 2 Zuidschermer (ITT nat.) April 28
12 starters

8 Mitchell Huenders

Tour of Tuscany (1.1) April 29

56 Mike Teunissen (he's still barely 19, racing here a pro race won by Ballan !!!)

Tour of Romandy

44 John Gadret
82 Francis Mourey

Tour of Korea (2.2) April 22 to 29

55 Jeremy Powers

Made (criterium) April 29
Famous post-classic criterium in the Netherlands, consisting of one TT, one elimination race and one "road" race in 2006. Still the case?

3 Lars Boom
11 Lars van der Haar
13 Rob Peeters

And 2 great results from the Junior category:

Quentin Jauregui wins in Kluisberge-Zulzeke and Mathieu van der Poel in Temse
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Old 05-07-12, 15:13
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Default Stybar Stage 4 @ Dunkirk

I just finished watching today's stage of the 4 Days of Dunkirk and Stybar wins the stage! Very good tactical win.
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Old 05-21-12, 00:22
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Sadly I missed it but yeah it was a great win for Styby on that queen stage (and historic stage) on the Mont Cassel !

Still works fine for Quick Step lol.

Stybar was also 10th in Stage 1 and 2nd in Stage 2.

And finished 2nd overall, only 42 seconds behind Engoulvent.

Two CN articles:

Also worth mentioning Mathieu Boulo finished 57th.

The rest will come in another post
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Old 05-21-12, 00:44
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Francfurt GP (1.HC) – May 1

34 Christoph Pfingsten

Kortessem (National) – May 1

41 Niels Wubben

Szlakiem Grodòw Piastowskich (2.1) – May 4 to 6

22 Kevin Pauwels (6th in Stage 4)
23 Klaas Vantornout (5th in Stage 1)
24 Jim Aernouts
42 Tijmen Eising (5th in Stage 3)
43 Matthias Bossuyt

Tour of the Gila (2.2) – May 2 to 6

86 Jamey Driscoll

Circuit de Wallonie (1.2) – May 6

5 Sven Nys
28 Xandro Meurisse
62 Vincent Baestaens

Peace Race (Juniors) – May 3 to 6

20 Quentin Jaurégui

Apeldoorn (Stappenbelt Rabobank MTB Trophy) May 6

Winner Tom Meeusen
10 Gerben De Knegt
18 Eddy van IJzendoorn
29 Patrick van Leeuwen

Omloop der Kempen (1.2) – May 6

18 Wietse Bosmans
20 Mike Teunissen
30 Stan Godrie
56 Lubomir Petrus
62 Lars van der Haar
66 Emiel Dolfsma
72 Bart Wellens
83 Christoph Pfingsten
97 Joeri Adams
98 Jens Vandekindere
101 Gert-Jan Bosman
104 Niels Wubben
108 Mitchell Huenders
109 Niels Albert
111 Dieter Vanthourenhout
112 Philipp Walsleben
113 Daniel Peeters
114 Corne Van Kessel
122 Rob Peeters
125 Arnaud Jouffroy

Lol never seen so many crossers in but one race !

Houthalen - Helchteren (National) – May 12

11 Jim Aernouts
16 Klaas Vantornout
87 Vinnie Braet
88 Sven Beelen

Nove Mesto (MTB World Cup) – May 13

4 Marco-Aurelio Fontana
18 Geoff Kabush
23 Sven Nys
32 Todd Wells
35 Marek Konwa
57 Kevin Pauwels
68 Julien Taramarcaz
72 Tom Meeusen
Mariusz Gil 2 laps behind
Zdenek Mlynar 3 laps behind
Pauwels had a very good race after starting 112 in the grid and he said he enjoyed MTB more than … cross even though cross is still the priority. But when you see how much trouble he has on muddy courses, it does not come as a surprise. Meeusen also hoped for Olympics but I think it was already over after Nove Mesto. Nys started 50th in the grid. So he made a great race too but he had to enter top12 to secure an Olympic spot.

Tour of Isère (2.2) – May 10 to 13

37 Wietse Bosmans (8th in the final stage)
40 Philipp Walsleben
65 Marcel Meisen
77 David van der Poel

Tryptique ardennais (National stage race) – May 11 to 13

5 Mike Teunissen (7th in Stage 1 and 4th in Stage 3)
53 Niels Wubben
55 Stan Godrie
58 Patrick van Leeuwen
68 Lars van der Haar
77 Gert-Jan Bosman
Only Dutch crossers in our Ardennes lol

Tour of Picardy (2.1) – May 11 to 13

21 Sven Vanthourenhout
34 Steve Chainel
47 Vincent Baestaens
52 Mathieu Boulo
102 Nicolas Bazin
132 Florian Le Corre

Wielerronde van Nieuw Vossemeer (Criterium) – May 13

8 Bart Aernouts

Verrebroeck (criterium) – May 13

13 Arnaud Jouffroy
17 Arnaud Grand
19 Gianni Vermeersch
30 Dieter Vanthourenhout
48 Jens Vandekindere
69 Jens Adams
79 Bart Wellens
82 Thijs Al
84 Michael Vanthourenhout
86 Rob Peeters
102 Corne van Kessel

Puivelde Koerse (170 km kermess) – May 16

6 Dieter Vanthourenhout
12 Niels Albert
19 Wietse Bosmans
21 Bart Wellens
29 Vincent Baestaens
30 Rob Peeters
31 Joeri Adams

DK Tijdrijden Zuid-Oost (National ITT U23 Dutch only) – May 16
11 starters

2 Mike Teunissen
5 Gert-Jan Bosman

Kumtich-Tienen (National) – May 17

5 Arnaud Grand
6 Bart Verchueren
23 Corne Van Kessel

Tour of Limburg (1.2) – May 17

3 Klaas Vantornout !!!
4 Mike Teunissen
22 Gianni Vermeersch
24 Jim Aernouts
28 Sven Beelen
34 Marcel Meisen
47 Lars van der Haar
48 Vinnie Braet
77 Lubomir Petrus
88 Thijs Al
108 Niels Wubben
114 Dieter Vanthourenhout
115 Niels Albert
116 Matthias Bossuyt
117 Philipp Walsleben
122 Radomir Simunek
131 Tim Merlier
138 Stan Godrie

South Holland Island Tour (National) – May 19

4 Stan Godrie
30 Mike Teunissen

Heist-op-den-Berg (Criterium) – May 19

8 Bart Wellens
14 Vincent Baestaens
16 Sven Vanthourenhout
17 Niels Albert
18 Philipp Walsleben
21 Laurens Sweeck
22 David van der Poel

Ronde van ‘t Ginneken (criterium) – May 20

8 Bart Aernouts

La Bresse (MTB World Cup) – May 20

28 Marek Konwa
50 Todd Wells
62 Kevin Pauwels
Kevin has now no hope of an Olympic selection. It was normally a circuit that should’ve suited him, he said but he just had an off-day. Nys crashed and retired. He still has one chance to go to London.

I don't think this is a comprehensive list of all that happened last month but I only chose to track the most prominent figures of our favourite sport on both sides of the Atlantic. And if those prominent figures races against some second-tier crossers on a given race, mentioned those latter as well. I have less time than last year but it's always fun to see what our crossers are doing in spring and summer.

Hope for a good Tour of Belgium. And then U23 Paris-Roubaix + the French at the Giro.
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Old 05-21-12, 01:04
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Oh and apparently, Golazzo gave up their plan to mix MTB and cross for the Belgacom Trophy.

So I'll also add that Tom Meeusen was 7th in Stoumont and Rob Peeters 20th.

The next stops for this Challenge will be:

Antwerp on June 6
Sankt Vith on July 7
Geraardsbergen on July 14
Boom on August 8

Incidently, I've stumbled on a video interview of Marco-Aurelio Fontana in La Bresse. Found it nice, so I'll just post it here:!

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Old 05-24-12, 12:45
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Our crossers did well in the first stage of the Tour (of Belgium).

10 Tom Meeusen (Bel) Telenet - Fidea
11 Sven Vanthourenhout (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Euphony
12 Wietse Bosmans (Bel) BKCP - Powerplus
14 Jim Aernouts (Bel) Sunweb - Revor
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Old 05-24-12, 16:10
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Again nicely gathered together in the top20 of the stage.

Nys and Albert showed up in front of the peloton during the sprint prep. Still wondering why, though.


17. [NED] EISING Tijmen SUN
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Old 05-26-12, 12:15
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Again, a handful of crossers in the top20 and everyday different ones, lol.

8 Lars Boom (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team
12 Sven Nys (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Euphony
16 Sven Vanthourenhout (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Euphony

I've rarely seen Boom sprint like that.

And I'd like to highlight the 23rd spot of Tim Merlier. He's barely 19 (born in October 1992). In stage 2 he got a top20 spot.
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Old 05-26-12, 16:07
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Overall survey of the ITT

6 Lars BOOM RAB +1:11
23 Zdenek STYBAR OPQ +2:05 I guess he's improved his position on the bike since last year.
75 Niels ALBERT BKP +2:50 He was in the top20 in 2009 !!
84 Philipp WALSLEBEN BKP +3:02 Phil has been doing well in the Ardennes stage the last two years, looking forward.
85 Rob PEETERS FID +3:02
92 Kevin PAUWELS SUN +3:18
93 Jim AERNOUTS SUN +3:21
99 Lubomir PETRUS BKP +3:27
101 Wietse BOSMANS BKP +3:27 caught by van Emden today.
111 Tim MERLIER SUN +3:43
113 Arnaud JOUFFROY FID +3:45
117 Gianni VERMEERSCH BKP +3:51 caught by Roelandts and Terpstra at the same time. You could see him fighting !
120 Sven NYS LAN +3:54
121 Vinnie BRAET SUN +3:55
129 Joeri ADAMS FID +4:01
137 Bart WELLENS FID +4:14
145 Radomir SIMUNEK BKP +4:33
147 Corne VAN KESSEL FID +4:41
152 Tijmen EISING SUN +5:06
154 Tom MEEUSEN FID +5:18
155 Karel HNIK SUN +5:50 I didn't know he moved to Sunweb.
156 Sven BEELEN SUN +5:52 aforelast

John Gadret did rather well on the Stelvio (7th), one of the only guys from the MR group to attack.
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