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Old 04-29-12, 20:48
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Originally Posted by Bavarianrider View Post
Softtail only makes sense for downhillers imo.
I'm glad to be riding FS, honestly. It makes riding idiot-proof lol.

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Old 05-04-12, 20:07
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I've been riding hardtails continuously from when I started MTBing in 1989 to the present. I got a full suspension 26 also after doing a race of about 25 miles where I got beat up pretty badly towards the end by the rocky course. I started the race out physically stronger than a good portion of the pack, but was wasted near the end due to the constant hammering. I saw a good handful of riders on FS just cruise by me down the bumpy downhill near the end that I didn’t have the energy to ride effectively after the distance we had already gone. That was an enlightening moment and I decided to go FS. This was maybe 6 years ago? I still ride both bikes, depending on the terrain and both bikes have their place. To make a blanket statement about FS not being “needed” for XC does not acknowledge the very real difference in trail conditions. This is all with the caveat that you don’t have a 29er, which admittedly may accomplish the same thing as a FS 26er. I can agree with those who wish they had been able to wait a few years to decide between HT 29 and FS 26. It would be nice to give both bikes a try on very rough XC terrain to see what works better for them. Now, of course you have FS 29ers, which seem to be so much easier, that it tilts the odds in your favor significantly over HT 26.
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