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The Clinic The Clinic is the only place on Cyclingnews where you can discuss doping-related issues. Ask questions, discuss positives or improvements to procedures.

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Old 05-02-12, 13:22
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I have noticed that quite a number of posters from england(english) or the british isles seems to think that all posters in the clinic are morons and are beneath them. They hate the clinic of Cn.
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Old 05-02-12, 14:03
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Originally Posted by Merckx index View Post
If you think Hitchens was a great thinker, you haven’t delved very deeply into philosophy. I’ll give you he was a powerful, galvanizing writer, and could be a joy to read, but that is very different from saying he had anything original or profound to say.

He had many controversial opinions besides his views on religion, e.g., his support of the Iraq war, and neo-conservativism in general. And though I personally supported his criticism of religion, even there his arguments were somewhat flimsy (I would recommend over him any of the other so-called four horsemen of the Apocalypse, Dennett, Harris or Dawkins). For example, he had to be very selective in his facts to make the claim that all religions tend to lead to violence, and outright blind to facts to imply that no non-religious nations are or were. Given that one of the major scientific criticisms of religion is that it tends to bend the facts to fit a preconceived conclusion, it’s rather ironic that God is not Great is full of arguments like these. You might say it was written with a fervor that bordered on the religious.

As for his dying young, of course it was unfortunate, but anyone who smokes and drinks in excess is asking for trouble. He was too intelligent and informed not to understand the enormous abuse he was subjecting his body to.
Over Dennett? Dawkins sure, even Sam but i never really liked Dennett, mybe becasue he is not that funny
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Old 05-05-12, 00:56
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Its good to know one is not the only one who see's these pontificators as what they are.

Nice thread.
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