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Old 05-07-12, 00:44
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Default Bespoke Claims

While on the forum, occasionally, I get a website called "Bespoke Claims" popping up on another tab without clicking anything. Has this happened to anyone else?

EDIT: Thought I was in the "About the website" section, could this be moved.

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Old 05-07-12, 01:48
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Yeah i got something like that too.
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Old 05-07-12, 05:33
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I have passed this along.

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Old 05-08-12, 03:26
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I swear I have nothing to do with this.
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Old 05-08-12, 13:45
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Its a fault in the actual advert for bespoke claims (a google ad)

For some reason its triggering itself to open automatically in a new window (which is against all of googles terms and conditions). I had this on both of my sites and was very annoying as it reflects on the owner.

I just went into my google panel and blocked that particular advertiser. Took a few hours to vanish from my adverts. Not sure why google havnt banned that particular advertiser.

But its not cn's fault, this one is squarely on google.
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