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General Skinny tyres, drop handlebars and mud. Lots of mud.

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Old 05-27-12, 13:53
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Great race by Nys and Pauwels today
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Old 05-27-12, 22:28
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I can but agree.

KP mixing it up with some of the best road uphill sprinters and Nys attacking at the top of the Mur d'Amay. Unbelievable.

So KP is second and Nys 13th in the stage results.

Final results for the Tour of Belgium (I'll post the rest later on):

29 Sven Nys (Great Ardennes stage by Sven, in the Barredo group that resisted the bunch until the top of the Mur of Amay (20k to go) and at the top, he was in the top3 of the super sprint behind Barredo and Moinard and then made a last attack before Martin’s group came back. You could still see him counter another attack later on but I don’t remember whom).
36 Zdenek Stybar (he was 23rd before the Ardennes stage but had to work for Martin, he dropped in the Mur of Amay. At that time, he was with Terpstra, the last Quickstepper, to help Martin, though the latter had other domestiques from other teams)
41 Kevin Pauwels (KP punctured in the finale in Stage 1 and he was 154th in the GC after Stage 3 when he chose to spare energy for the last stage, which makes a come back from 100 spots in only one stage lol; he’s 12th in the Point Classification)
47 Lars Boom (7th in the Point Classification)
51 Lubomir Petrus (Lubo was seen shortly before Amay chasing behind Martin’s group but he never made it, he’s 9th in the Young rider Classification)
57 Gianni Vermeersch (12th in the Young Rider Classification; He’s barely 19. He was already there last year at age 18 but retired during the Ardennes stage)
68 Niels Albert
74 Wietse Bosmans
76 Jim Aernouts (Was the first at the finish line, 1st passage)
78 Sven Vanthourenhout
80 Vinnie Braet
84 Joeri Adams
95 Arnaud Jouffroy (14th in the Climb classification)
99 Tom Meeusen
102 Karel Hnik
109 finishers for this years Tour of Belgium

The cross team results are disappointing however. Sunweb 15th, BKCP 16th and Fidea 19th and dead last.
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Old 05-29-12, 20:58
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Borsbeeck (National) – May 20

12 Jelle Cant
33 Kevin Cant

Ronde van Ridderkerk (criterium) – May 23

11 Mitchell Huenders

Kortenaken-Stok (Nat.) – May 24

4 Diether Sweeck
15 Laurens Sweeck
108 Hendrik Sweeck (Hendrik is the 1 year older brother of the above mentioned twins and... he’s also a cyclocrosser***)

Plumelec – Morbihan GP (1.1) – May 26

17 Julian Alaphilippe (He's still 19 - will turn 20 in 2 weeks - and is mixing it up with some of the best & most experienced pro Frenchies, there )
27 Mathieu Boulo
53 Florian Le Corre
78 Arnold Jeannesson
82 Nicolas Bazin

Linden (Nat.) – May 26

10 Floris De Tier
12 Bart Verschueren
16 Diether Sweeck
58 Jelle Cant
70 Laurens Sweeck (!!!)

Omloop Hoeksche Waard (Nat.) – May 26

21 Gert-Jan Bosman
48 Micki van Empel

Boucles de l’Aulne (1.1) – May 27

76 Arnold Jeannesson
79 Florian Le Corre
84 Mathieu Boulo

U23 Paris-Roubaix – May 27
Mike Teunissen gave his insight on the race on his website He said it was really hot and hence dusty. There was a 10-man morning break and in the first sections 5 men tried to escape. He attacked with 8 men behind the 5 and caught them. But they didn't work together and that's how Stuyven and a group with eventual winner Bob Jungels could come back. When they closed the gap to 40" with the lead group, a group with Jungels attacked and he would never see him back. Behind, they were still staring at each other and that's how many riders got back from behind. On the Carrefour de l'Arbre, Stuyven, Senechal and Hofland attacked. He was a little too far behind and landed in a 4-man group behind the three. They caught them on the small section of Hem. After that he attacked several times again, notably on the Espace Crupelandt, in the streets of Roubaix. The group ultimately was sprinting for a 6th spot. He started the sprint early and was outsprinted by Hofland and Zepuntke.

8 Mike Teunissen
11 Xandro Meurisse
61 Stan Godrie

Lauwe (Nat.) – May 27

2 Ritchie Denolf
12 Gianni Denolf

Ramsel-Herselt (Nat.) – May 27

11 Diether Sweeck
18 Laurens Sweeck

US Nats (Road Race) – May 28

26 Jeremy Powers
39 Jamey Driscoll

Gullegem Koerse (Pro Kermess) – May 28
171km – Famous kermess with a lot of pros, won last year by Gilbert during his unbeaten run in single-day races (92nd, this year). Stybar was 20th last year. He doesn’t come up in the results this year.

39 Floris De Tier
48 Gianni Denolf
62 Diether Sweeck
86 Jan Denuwelaere
104 Laurens Sweeck
113 Ritchie Denolf

***Here's what Hendrik Sweeck in cyclocross last winter (I didn't know about him before )

GVA - U23 - Baal 28 01/01/2012 2011/2012
GVA - U23 - Loenhout 46 28/12/2011 2011/2012
GVA - U23 - Essen 33 17/12/2011 2011/2012
GVA - U23 - Hasselt 40 19/11/2011 2011/2012
Superprestige - U23 - Hamme-Zogge 37 13/11/2011 2011/2012
Superprestige - U23 - Ruddervoorde 29 09/10/2011 2011/2012
U-23 - Kalmthout 19 02/10/2011 2011/2012

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Old 06-02-12, 13:14
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Young crossers are doing very well at the moment.

First of all, Baestaens was 8th at the first sprint at the Tour of Luxembourg.

And now, Julian Alaphilippe wins the 2nd stage of the Coupe des Nations in Saguenay City. The Saguenay River is one of my favourite areas in Quebec.

In the first stage, Julian was probably involved in a crash that happened in the last 2 k's, which is why he was very far in the stage results.

Here's the vid in French (lovely Canadian French accent, lol):
86 riders - 151km

4 riders broke away at the 9th k: Gougeard, Tratnik, Chamorro and Galeano, later joined by Houle, Gradek & Lutsenko.

They will be caught but I don't know when.

In the last lap (15k), a 10-man breakaway escaped from the peloton:
Julian Alaphilippe Armée De Terre
Eduardo Sepúlveda
Mark Christian An Post-M. Donnelly-Grant Thornton
Arman Kamyshev Continental Team Astana
Klement Stimulak Radenska
Nathan Brown Bontrager Livestrong Team
David Boily Spidertech Powered By C10
Alexey Lutsenko Continental Team Astana
Fernando Orjuela Gutierrez
Olivier Le Gac Bic 2000

They first had 50". But with less than 5k to go, they barely had 30 seconds left. Then Le Gac attacked, forcing his opponents to chase, which benefitted Julian. And indeed, Julian wins the sprint.

Julian gets the White Jersey of the Young Rider Class. The race is already reserved only for the U23. So if he gets the White Jersey, it really shows he a youngster among the youngsters, lol. (born on June 11 1992, so he's yet to have his 20th birthday).

Translation of Julian's post-race interview:

I'm very happy because it's my first win this season. I'm also glad for Team France because they believed in me for this Nations Cup. I thank them for that. It's mainly a team work, so I thank all my team mates.

(This White Jersey will become a goal for you, won't it?)

Yeah, it's always nice to wear a distinctive jersey, anyway. So we'll try to defend till the end and why not get closer to the yellow jersey. That's why we came here for. We'll do everything for it (smiling). As the days go by, we'll see.

(Good Luck)

Thank you very much.

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Old 06-03-12, 15:33
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Mol Rauw (Nat.) – May 29

22 Kevin Cant

Pinkster Drie Ronde Van Krommenie – May 29

6 Mitchell Huenders

Ronde van Capelle (criterium) – June 1

13 Mitchell Huenders

Limburgs Mooiste Race (Nat.) – June 1
(lol it means The Most Beautiful Race of Limburg)

2 Micki van Empel
3 Stan Godrie
4 Gert-Jan Bosman
11 Mike Teunissen
23 Patrick van Leeuwen

Highlights of the race:
The eventual Canadian winner Ivey is seen behind the peloton at the very beginning of the clip. He’s a training partner of Hesjedal’s. It’s about 136km (8 laps of 17km each). Across the Limburg hills but I can’t identify them. At 0.56, you can see Micki van Empel racing for VW Schijndel #18 (his club; he’s a team mate of Teunissen’s and Bosman’s there. Apparently, Micki is also no longer racing for Fidea). The 3 had an advantage of about 40”. At about 1.30, you can see Teunissen and Bosman (not mentioned by the commentator) coming back. The lead group consists of 7 riders. The peloton won’t let this group go to the finish. At 3.19, you have again an 8-man lead group with among others van Empel (not mentioned by the commentator) & Teunissen (commentator names him saying he is a crosser who also races very well on the road, that it’s sometimes hard to choose but that for the moment Mike chooses for cross). At about 3.38, you have an attack from van den Brand and Patrick van Leeuwen #92. They were caught. At 4.25, you have the decisive escape by Ivey, with Teunissen in the chase group. At 5.20, you can see that riders came back from the peloton, Bosman among others.

At the interview, Teunissen dais that Ivey probably was a bit lucky that the chasers did not work hard behind at first but he raced a very strong final lap and is probably a deserved winner.

Bosman and van Empel

Geraardsbergen (criterium for Juniors) – May 2

Winner Mathieu van der Poel

Zwevezele (Nat.) – May 3

5 Michael Vanthourenhout
17 Gianni Denolf
32 Ritchie Denolf
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Old 06-03-12, 15:47
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Alaphilippe was 5th in Stage 3 of the Nations Cup in Saguenay, QC.

At 1.00, you can see Julian in his White Jersey being part of the breakaway. A 10-man group with his team mate Florian Sénéchal. It was early in the race (Lap 2). The group will be caught at K48. Bunch sprint.

He retains the White Jersey and still is 2nd overall.
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Old 06-06-12, 15:49
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Alaphilippe 2nd final GC at the Coupe des Nations - Saguenay. He was 7th in the final stage. Retains the White Jersey and 2nd in the final Point Ranking.

Sven Nys 2nd in the Dernycriterium of Ninove last Sunday (remember that's the criterium that McEwen won last year ahead of KP )

Zwijndrecht (Nat.) - May 3

8 Jens Adams
14 Kevin Cant
23 Jelle Cant
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Old 06-10-12, 12:26
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Nys to the olympics!!

10th at European Championship today (had to be top 12 for olympics selection)
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Old 06-11-12, 16:47
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Yup. Good for our sport. I really thought he was gonna miss it. Fortunately, a lesser field here, I think. I don't think he'll do as well as in Beijing though.

Other results from the past fortnight:

Antwerp (MTB Belgacom Trophy) – June 2

Winner Sven Nys
2 Tom Meeusen
12 Jim Aernouts
13 Jan Denuwelaere
15 Sven Vanthourenhout
16 Geert Wellens
19 Jens Vandekindere

The Antwerp MTB Cup from May 27 had Jonathan Page as 4th :

Van Coninglsoo Memorial (1.2) – June 3

3 Stan Godrie
13 Mike Teunissen
28 Diether Sweeck
36 Emiel Dolfsma
48 Bart Verschueren
53 Gert-Jan Bosman
56 Floris De Tier
64 Lars van der Haar
70 Niels Wubben
73 Laurens Sweeck
74 Micki van Empel

TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship 2012 (1.HC) – June 3

10 Luca Damiani

Nieuwrode-Holsbeeck (Nat.) – June 6

2 Wietse Bosmans
7 Lubomir Petrus
22 David van der Poel
Mountainbiker Kevin Van Hoovels finished 20th

Dutch Nats ITT (U23) – June 6

37 Stan Godrie

Tour of Zealand (1.1) – June 9

2 Lars Boom
38 Tijmen Eising
43 Jim Aernouts
49 Vincent Baestaens

Tour of Slovakia (2.2) – June 5 to 9

16 Jiri Polnicky

Omloop van de Maasvallei (Juniors) – June 9
(117.5km, for Junior race ! )

Winner Mathieu van der Poel

Geel-Kievermont (Beginners) – June 9

Winner Yannick Peeters (Wilfried’s son. He dominated the last winter season)

Herselt (Nat.) – June 9

28 Bart Verschueren
Mountainbiker Kevin Van Hoovels was 2nd

Menen-Moorsele/Soetaert Memorial (Nat.) – June 9

17 Floris De Tier
20 Laurens Sweeck
49 Martin Zlamalik

Garmin Pro Race (1.1) – June 10

18 Diether Vanthourenhout
52 Marcel Meisen
72 Radomir Simunek
83 Niels Albert
120 Christoph Pfingsten

Ronde van Limburg (Nat. ?) – June 10

8 Micki van Empel
11 Thijs van Amerongen
22 Gert-Jan Bosman
25 Niels Wubben
37 Emiel Dolfsma
44 Stan Godrie
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Old 06-18-12, 17:26
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Tour d’Eur-et-Loir (U23) – June 7 to 10

47 Clément Venturini

Waasland Championship (Nat.) – June 12

12 Geert Wellens

Kruibeke (Nat.) – June 13

25 Tim Vannuffel

Ronde van de Maasdijk (Nat.) –June 14

13 Mitchell Huenders

Thüringen Rundfahrt (U23) –June 9 to 15

10 Lubomir Petrus: 3rd in Stage 2, 5th in Stage 6, 10th in the Final point class., 11th in the final mountain class.
23 Wietse Bosmans: 2nd in Stage 3, 12th in the Final point class., 10th in the final mountain class. (1st on top of a cat 1; stage 1),
27 David van der Poel: 7th in Stage 1, 15th in the final point class., 10th in the Young rider class.
31 Gianni Vermeersch: 4th in Stage 1, 10th in Stage 3, 6th in the final stage, 9th in the Final Point class., 13th in the Young rider class.
48 Michael Vanthourenhout: 2nd in the final Mountain class.(1st on top of a cat 1; stage 2 and a cat 2, stage 3)

BKCP is 4th in the final Team class. (out of 19), won the team class of the final stage.

Midzomeravondronde Groot-ammers – June 16

14 Mitchell Huenders

Sainte-Catherine-Wavre (Nat.) – June 16

11 Kevin Cant
14 Jelle Cant
23 Hendrik Sweeck

Nieuwerkerken (Nat.) – June 16

8 Martin Zlamalik
55 Geert Wellens

Romsee (Juniors) – June 16

7 Yorbin Van Tichelt

Canadian MTB Champs –June 16

4 Geoff Kabush
7 Craig Richey

Tour of Serbia (2.2) – June 12 to 17

12 Joeri Adams: 8th in Stage 1; Joeri was in the lead group with Baliani in the queen stage (stage 4), unfortunately he crashed with 400m to go, and crossed the line on foot.
28 Tom Meeusen: 9th in Stage 1
40 Jiri Polnicky: 7th in the Point class., 3rd in the Hill/climb class.
53 Bart Wellens
55 Rob Peeters
65 Arnaud Jouffroy: 8th in Stage 6, 6th in the Climb class., 6th in the Bore Ivkovica Trophy ??
76 Corne van Kessel

ZLN Tour (2.1) – June 14 to 17

2 Lars Boom: winner of Stage 3 and 10th in the final stage
21 Christoph Pfingsten
37 Jim Aernouts
43 Vinnie Braet
63 Sven Vanthourenhout
65 Vincent Baestaens
86 Kevin Pauwels
97 Tim Merlier
118 Tijmen Eising
132 Matthias Bossuyt

Route du sud (2.1) – June 14 to 17

21 Francis Mourey

Boucles de la Mayenne (2.2) – June 14 to 17

19 Mathieu Boulo : 6th in the prologue
27 Marcel Meisen : 8th in Stage 2
34 Niels Albert
49 Philipp Walsleben
87 Dieter Vanthourenhout
88 Florian Le Corre

Ster van de Moerdijk (Nat.) – June 17

8 Micki van Empel

Tour du Nivernais-Morvan – June 14 to 17

3 Lars van der Haar !!!: 2nd in Stage 1, Winner of Stage 2, 8th in Stage 4, 7th in the Final Stage
5 Gert-Jan Bosman: Winner of Stage 3 !!!
10 Emiel Dolfsma: 5th in Stage 1
37 Niels Wubben
40 Stan Godrie

I think this might be Lars' best road race of his career He's pleasing me there. And Gert-Jan, cherry on the cake.

Lars 2nd on the pic:

Gert-Jan's win !

Halen (Nat.) – June 17

10 Tim Vannuffel
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