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Originally Posted by DirtyWorks View Post
And yet, that's where most USAC members live. Why discourage the majority of members from attending Nationals by repeatedly having the event at altitude? Why?

As for the "whiner" comment, what is the point of a personal attack? Maybe that attitude has something to do with the zero growth and lack of sponsorship dollars in competitive mountain biking?

Defending Tahoe as a nice place was not the criticism. USAC continually uses venues at altitude to host their championship events. There are lots of 'nice places' to host a National championships, without discouraging the vast majority of USAC members from attending because of the altitude. Incredible and true at the same time.

Finally, my original question was if anyone had insight into how/why USAC continually chooses altitude locations. So far, "I guess they put together the best package" is the only valid answer.
Maybe you should apply for the next Nats to be at your lowland location of choice. USAC needs more effective promoters. We end up with more altitude venues because there are more race promoters from mountainous locations. And what about the recent string of elite Nats at Mt Snow, before Sol Vista. Mt Snow is a pretty awesome venue, course, and location, all well below 3k. And for collegiate nats, there was the low PA venue and the low NC venue.
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