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Old 07-19-11, 11:45
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Originally Posted by The Hitch View Post
Well thank god for that. I really wasnt in a mood to do a preview for this stage today.

And very nicely done.

Col d Angel is what can really make this stage. Forget, Plateau de Beille, Alpe d huez, Galibier, Mont Ventoux, this is Le Tours Zoncolan (or maybe its Finnestre) though its gradients obviously dont match up to those standards.

+1 Rolland has impressed me more than anyone in this Tour. Though if you have him there, you also have to have Vanendert and there never was no magnificent 9.
Thanks for the praise Hitch (and everyone else).

Agnel is a real beast, I was amazed at its profile, can't believe its not been used before more often!

Rolland's climbing has been superb but he's not one of the 7 with a shot at winning it. I did give him a mention with Voekler though, a worthy sidekick if any (now why didn't I think of that when writing ). Vanendert would've been there then as well. And then a case to be made about Peraud, Uran, Cunego...

Very surprised most articles, blogs, opinions in the media only think 3-5 riders have a chance to win. Considering how variable the race is you'd have to imagine its quite open!
Originally Posted by Richie Porte ~ 21st May 2011
"Don't push me. F*** off."
Old 07-19-11, 12:06
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The Alpe d'Huez more prestigious than the Tourmalet? My ***.
Old 07-19-11, 12:14
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Originally Posted by jsem94 View Post
Yeah, I don't think Vanendert will want to sacrifice himself to set a tempo up Galibier.
Yeah, it would be pretty stupid to sacrifice a potential stage win so that Gilbert can move up from third to second place in the green jersey classification.
Old 07-19-11, 15:37
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Any news on whether the stage will be shortened.

I wanted to see Crostis but with the GC situation atm, having the full stage here is of even greater importance.
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Originally Posted by The Father of Clean Cycling, Christophe Bassons
When I look at cycling today, I get the impression that history is repeating itself: riders who are supposed to be rouleurs are climbing passes at the front of the race, and those who are supposed to be climbers are riding time trials at more than 50 kilometres per hour.

The story is beginning again, just as it did 14 years ago
journalist with integrity.
Old 07-19-11, 15:45
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I just checked the weather for Thursday. Over the Agnello it should be around 9 degrees and sunny, so no problem. The Galibier - should be OK, but there is a chance of rain/snow, and it will be pretty cold.

Of course, forecasts change all the time, so we won't know for sure until Thursday morning.
Old 07-19-11, 16:00
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Originally Posted by The Hitch View Post
Any news on whether the stage will be shortened.

I wanted to see Crostis but with the GC situation atm, having the full stage here is of even greater importance.
I wonder what alternatives Prudhomme has planned. Could snow on the Galibier lead to a MTF on the Granon?
Originally Posted by Bavarianrider View Post
Eisel you ****ing Austrian hillbilly :mad
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Old 07-19-11, 17:33
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update times if you can please
Old 07-19-11, 20:40
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Okay, I'll ask you all to channel your inner Bjarne. Where does Contador attack to make time on this stage? (Assuming no major GC shake-ups in Stage 17... which is perhaps a big assumption after the action of Stage 16 earlier today).

Both Col Agnel and Col d'Izoard look tailor-made for one of Contador's patented blistering attacks when it starts ramping up 7-8k from the summit. Galibier, however, looks like a long slog more suited for the diesels, until it kicks up a bit in the last 4k or so.

Will Contador be able to wait for that last section of Galibier to attack, or will he have a go on one of the earlier climbs? If he goes early and gets a gap, he risks getting caught on the descent (Evans/Sanchez) or having the diesels (Evans/Basso) gradually reel him in on the long ascent of Galibier. If he waits until that last 4k, he risks making only minimal time gains on his rivals and perhaps leaving too much to regain in the last two stages.

I'm sure that Contador would prefer the order of the climbs were reversed on this stage, but as it is... where would you recommend he attack if you were his DS?
Old 07-19-11, 20:41
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I think if Evans can stay 30 seconds or less behind Contador in this stage, he'll win the Tour.

I don't think he will though.
Depending on the time losses in Stage 17, the Schlecks HAVE to attack in this stage.

Great Preview Tuarts!!!

This stage will be Superb!!

And NO SNOW PLEASE! Andy doesn't need another excuse

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Old 07-19-11, 20:49
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I am *really* looking forward to this one
Great preview - ty!

PS: As to where Contador will attack... I guess it depends alot on how things turn out on stage 17
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Originally Posted by jobiwan View Post
Bjarne Riis = Evil Genius
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