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View Poll Results: Do you believe in God?
Yes, I believe in Johnny Hoogerland. 40 14.13%
Yes, I believe in a supernatural, personal being. 41 14.49%
I believe in a life force or spirit, but not in a personal being. 26 9.19%
I don't know. I'm an agnostic. 31 10.95%
No, I'm an atheist in that, while I can't assure there is no God, I believe there is none. 67 23.67%
No, I'm an atheist in that I assure there is no God. 78 27.56%
Voters: 283. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-25-11, 00:48
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Originally Posted by Cobblestones View Post
fixed it for you.
Thank you, my brother.

In the afterlife I may see you in FSM heaven with strippers and beer fountains.
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i am an atheist even tho i was raised as a catholic( my mother forced me to attend chuch when i was a kid and stuff like that) never believed anything being told there nor could i ever stand the hypocrisy of the catholic church. . . i don't believe in any god/gods nor in any supa dupa powafuuuuuu thingy

just in jest i am past discussing religion as usually it leads nowhere
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Originally Posted by TeamSkyFans View Post
Of course then theres the question of Jesus's race.

But the landover church have decided that he was in fact caucasian
You do realize that Landover is very elaborate satire?
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Originally Posted by Cobblestones View Post
You do realize that Landover is very elaborate satire?
You do realize its not the only satire?

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Originally Posted by Havetts View Post
Because people are entitled to have their own opinion and beliefs, I don't like it when Jehova's Witnesses are at the door trying to (with all respect) shove their opinion down my throat. I imagine its the same for Catholics being harassed by atheists cause they believe in God.
I've NEVER had an atheist come to my door and try to convert me.

Mostly we just keep to ourselves...

Regarding the poll...

I started out life as a church going lutheran (my father wanted to be a pastor). Sometime in my teens I started doubting a lot of what I was taught.

For a long time I was agnostic but over the past few years I've come to the conclusion that there's no supernatural being running the show. I'm perfectly fine with that conclusion. For me, it makes each day more important since I know there's nothing after I die.
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I worship Zeus. Anyone who doesn't will fry.
"... because he set an amazing example. He has more courage than anyone I ever rode with and that's why he got respect from his team-mates. A great leader makes you want to go beyond the limits."

Andrea Noè on Di Luca, "Il Killer di Spoltore"
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Originally Posted by The Hitch View Post
You agree that Islam is the second most tolerant religion?
OK should have highlighted one more line. Tolerant and religion really don't go together in my mind so I might have missed that bit.
"Science flies us to the moon. Religion flies us into buildings."

Gods don't kill people, people with Gods kill people.
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Originally Posted by Master50 View Post
Some of my favourite contradictions of the followers of Jesus.
The story about the woman who was accused of Adultery was added to the early bibles around 350 ad. Likely by monks who thought it was a good story.
the 4 main books about Jesus were written between 30 and 70 years after jesus died and they all tell similar stories but it is hard to believe the authors were always at the same event. The earliest telling of the crucifixion portrays a very quiet and suffering Jesus who's only words are why have thou forsaken me. The version written some 30 to 40 years later has Jesus forgiving his punishers and speaking lucidly to the others on the cross with him. Instead of amalgamating the 4 books read them side by side and see what a different story they tell. From a quite suffering victim to a forgiving and powerful man in control of his destiny. At least they read like that to me.

For the most part the earliest followers of Jesus were Jews and for a very long time Gentiles were not welcome to every sect of jewish "christians". I don't think Christianity was exclusively non Jewish until Constantine. He used Christianity as a unifying religion for Rome and started to demonize the Jews with the non Jewish Jesus.

Jesus was not born in bethlehem and there was no census to force his parents to go there. That was created to support prophesy of a saviour.

Jesus spoke aramaic and maybe Hebrew yet some of the text translations from Greek don't mean the same thing if they were originally said in Aramaic or hebrew.

Even how he was portrayed changed over time. He preached the apocalypse was about to come and to read some of the stories like he expected to be alive for it. Since the end didn't actually come while he was alive the stories became more allegorical and started to portray him a god or part of god.

Read some Bart Erhman (sp). He is a biblical historian that has written a lot of books on the new testament and stories of Jesus. He teaches at Chapel hill NC.
Now the thread is do you believe in god? Can't say I do but at the moment no one is shooting at me right now either. I am definitely an atheist as it applies to any of man's organized religions.

The interesting thing about the highlighted bit is that there were serious discussions among Jews as to whether or not Jesus teachings were at all meant for the pagans. Peter didn't think so.

Saul, later St. Paul, began the missionary work among the gentile peoples. At a certain point they, the pagans, transformed the historical figure of the Jew, Jesus, into the divine Chritos (Greek, a gentile language, for Savior) or Christ. They provided Christ with a hellenized and classical imagery and they invented Christianity, as such, as a distinct religion from Judaism. Not having themselves been Jews, they weren't interesting in becoming jewish, but something else, while St. Paul realized that making the gentile converts abide by the strict dietary rules of the Jews was not doable and so pointless.

In other words Christianity emerged as such and got its autonomous identity by the pagans in the late antique world, which is the one the orthodox Christians of the Latin/Roman Catholic and Greek churches (the oldest surviving forms of the religion, of which there were many variants in antiquity - Arian, Donatist, Monophysite, Gnostic, etc.) still know it as today. They, the pagans, were the ones who also fixed its religious calendar: with dates like Dec. 25 being a recycled sun god birthday, now for the Christos, etc. Constantine himself, the Roman emporer who first legalized the sect, was initially devoted more to Sol Invictus (another pagan sun god whose birthday was Dec. 25) and his Persian counterpart Mithras, than the Christ, even after his “vision.” And he seems to have considered the worship of Christ in terms of Babalonian/oriental sun god worship, to the extent that some scholars believe that had Constantine wholeheartedly embraced say Mithraism, we'd all be worshiping Mithras today instead Christ in a manner of speaking.

The process, at least in the arts and culture, began before Constantine though: let us say about a century before in the Ancient Roman World.

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I'm a former catholic-no longer affiliated to it due to the disgust & repulse of the atrocities committed by many priests on the sexual scandals-not only here in the Boston area, but all around the world-and adding to it- the impunity of their acts & how the Vatican has handled this affair in such disgraceful way..... apart from that-I'm tired of a religion "pointing" the fingers at their followers & asking them to "sacrifice & surrender" while the heads of the church get richer & care less about the world around them-Even in times of hardship-like the horrible tsunami in Japan-they "ask to pray" but they can't give away their wealth to help people-were they present when Katrina's victims were in need? ..... I didn't think so .....
I'm also sick of the notion of the constant "punishment" that all traditional religions impose on their followers-nurturing this notion of sinners by nature looking to be "purified" by their creed-it's basically their justification to brainwash all rational thinking and make people "fanatic" & obsessed with this ideal of constant "pardon from god" -the one who is looking upon us ready to strike us down if we failed to worship him.....

Religion nowadays is just another business looking to favor the best bidder

faith & spirituality are another matters & the ones we truly ought to cultivate
Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?
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I`m a catholic, I believe in evolution but that humans evolved from God`s original creation, the bible says that humans were made in God`s image, but his image is never clearly defined. You can say I`m trying to sneak God in the backdoor, fair enough, but it`s what I believe.
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