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Old 01-09-12, 09:43
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Default The TdC Game

I'm part of another game outside of here where we have teams made up of unique riders as in no one else can have the same rider much like in the real sport. The draft is held every year in a random number based draft so no one has an upper hand on you no matter how long they've played the game. Every year is a fresh start. Riders are chosen through a draft and there are a few trades throughout the year so you can beef up for the GT's or Classics as needed. Obviously you want to keep your quality riders on your team as if you let them go someone else may benefit, you only get 30 riders though mucht like the ProTour teams. We only score or play 30 or so races throughout the season where teams only race with the actual races max riders per team. If a rider exits a race well then your SOL much like the real team. If your riders is found to of hit the hot sauce you will lose the points again much like the real race but we do end in Nov no matter what so the winnings can be dispersed before another year begins. It is a real chaotic league with some downtime at times, especially post le Tour as the regular season. The team Managers or DS's banter on like its World War X if any thing happens against their team or not, we hold court as well because well like the real season there's need for a couple court cases to be heard. Having teams with unique riders adds to the fun as you need to bee keen on having quality riders even if they're not your favorites because someone else has them. You also learn about new riders or riders you might not have because you are desperate for points and need to hit the streets for some quality wins even if its from some Conti riders you are risking it all for.

Well PM if interested we need some DS's to run teams, even if you're not so knowledgeable on the riders we have the general info down and its passed on to everyone. The Draft really randomizes things so its fun for all, instead of trying to pick the best riders each week you only have to pick from your 30 not the whole protour peloton like in some other games. Again, you'll also educate yourself on other riders other than the top riders on each team as you'll have to and you'll end up learning there's more to a team than just the top names in the headlines.
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Old 01-09-12, 13:23
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i'd be interested. sounds fun.
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