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Old 05-08-12, 10:23
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Originally Posted by delbified View Post
kittel is good. he dominated the Sun-Tour last October. none of the Continental team sprinters could get near him.
Hoff nearly did though
I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog

The Grand Boucle wasn't just Europe's for the taking.

@TheYoungest: "We might as well get dropped"

Quote:Originally Posted by Vino attacks everyone
"Has Porte ever dropped Nibali in any mountain?"
D&C "He will soon......"
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Old 05-08-12, 10:25
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Originally Posted by PedalCastro View Post
Cav has blocked me from his twitter account for suggesting it was an honest mistake by Ferrari and that maybe he has made mistakes in races before? Oh well!!
What did you expect?
...[Walsh] thinks we're ahead of the curve. But think about it for a sec. We're building long-lasting, trusting relationships with people who are spending a lot of money - Coke, Nike, Subaru. If we're f***ing lying, we can kiss it all goodbye. And if we were lying we'd do some stupid stuff to try to cover it up, wouldn't we? Does anybody think for a second that a secret that big wouldn't come out? Bill Stapleton
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Old 05-08-12, 10:29
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Of course it´s a pity when Riders crash, but it seems that Cavendish is trying a become a saint. Cavendish has during many years got critisism because of his many reckless spring. http://youtu.be/-RNAYR3KPIg look at this movie when Heinrich Häusler went down because of Cavendish, Häussler hasn´t reached his former top after this.

OK Roberto made a misstake, many riders do that, escpeially when you try to win a race, but Please Cav, your ain´t a saint during sprints. I can share many many more clipps showing how you go from left to right and back during a sprint.

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Old 05-08-12, 10:43
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I thought that Cavendish was pretty mild really, for him. however kept hold of his iPhone afterwards did a good job. Agree for cav to complain about a reckless sprint is a bit "Hi pot, you're black. Love kettle."
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Old 05-08-12, 10:44
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Kelly adds that the rider who is the perpetrator one day may end up being the victim the next. Such is the nature of sprinting.

“I think Cavendish had a problem in the Tour of Switzerland…he said then he didn’t do anything wrong and it went on for a bit of time where people were saying, ‘he put Boonen out of the Tour de France, he put Boonen out of the rest of the season.’

“There was a lot of talk about that. It wasn’t taken lightly that he didn’t say then, ‘okay, well, I made a mistake.’”

Read more: http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/11...#ixzz1uH2LlbPp
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Old 05-08-12, 11:00
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Originally Posted by will10 View Post
What did you expect?
I expected as much, not too pushed really. Guess he doesnt like his new found guise as 'protecter of all that is Right within the peloton' being challenged
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Old 05-08-12, 11:19
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ouch cav lost loads of skin!
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Old 05-08-12, 13:21
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Originally Posted by dlwssonic View Post
ouch cav lost loads of skin!
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Old 05-08-12, 13:48
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Farrari does not belong in a Grand Tour. Here's a highlight of the crash from the helo cam. Why did he change his line radically to go right instead of up the left? (if it's been posted already, I apologize)


I can't recall a abrupt move like this from back in the field in the pro ranks ever. Cav and Haussler in the Suisse a few years back looked mild compared to this. What an amateur! Go home and back to club racing.
I tell ya, it's not the water.
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Old 05-08-12, 14:16
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I find this event curious, because if any sprint shows the need for disqualification from the race, surely this one does.

Headbutting (even defensive) and water bottle throwing seem to cross the UCI threshold for riders getting disqualified. The rules forbid sprinters changing lines if it creates a danger, and this one obviously did so, based on the result. Changing of lines of any sort could not be forbidden, otherwise it would be essentially impossible for any rider to pass another.

But the rules seem surprisingly nonspecific on penalty, from what I can tell. Even a search for "danger" in the UCI road rules turned up only four hits: one for dangerous sprinting, one for danger points in courses, and two for endangering the financial stability of races. Indicative of the proportional concern of the UCI?

Anyway, behavior like Ferrari's clearly is against the interest of professional cycling. Goss' victory is largely spoiled, he and his sponsors are denied the positive attention they deserve, while Ferrari and his sponsors get negative attention they don't want.

Racing simply cannot tolerate this sort of recklessness. For this reason Ferrari should be gone, if the rules contain adequate provision for it. And if they don't, they should.
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