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Old 07-08-12, 18:39
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Default An open letter to the peloton

Because it's become abundantly clear that the pro-peloton are aware of us;

More accurately, dear people applauding Bradley Wiggins for his foul-mouthed tirade today:

I'd like to outline why I think you're all massive hypocrites, and why you get the reaction from people that you do.

We've sat by for years - for some of you, your entire professional careers - and watched the sport.
We've sat through almost 30 years of doped riders, of positive tests, of confiscated victories weeks, months and sometimes years after they were awarded.
But most importantly, we sat by whilst all of this was going on, and you did nothing.
You didn't speak out then.
You didn't speak up against people you knew were doping.
You didn't speak up against your teammates when you knew they were doping.
All you ex-T-mobile riders didn't say anything about the visits to Freiberg.
You didn't say anything when riders gave evidence about what they'd seen, and were harassed because of it.
Some of you, through your inaction, did nothing about that harassment. Those of you who raced with Lance Armstrong said nothing back then.
Those of you who raced in 1998 complained about your rights and your dignity.

You didn't complain about those people who stripped them from you by cheating.
You didn't applaud those people who tried to out the real cheats within the ranks.
You didn't chastise those people taking trips to Spain and Italy to see doctors. In fact, some of you did it yourself.

You complained about early morning drug tests.
You complained about out of competition drug tests, and you complained about whereabouts forms and not having a private life, and media intrusion.
And some of you still ride today, still having said nothing about doping.

I'll say this: I've sat up until 3 in the morning every July for countless years now. I've watched, I've supported, even some of you who turned out to be cheats. I've dreamed of being in the position you're in, of having a tenth of the talent you're blessed enough to have, because no amount of hard work will make up for the gap. So when I'm at work at 7am, busting my rear end to make ends meet for the next ten hours for a tiny bit of what you get, remember this, every one of you who applaud Wiggins abusing those of us who ask questions:

We ask the questions because you refused to.
We get suspicious because we're tired of seeing more than half of the last 13 TdF titles get stripped and re-awarded.
We're tired of you guys continually saying "We're clean" and then seeing someone test positive.
We're tired of seeing you complain about us, because we got tired of seeing you cheat us as fans, by not taking matters into your own hands, getting rid of - and speaking out against - those who are doping, and have doped.
You give your blood values and power numbers happily to the ASO, and treat us with contempt, like we're just supposed to watch, buy your sponsor's products, and cheer on demand.

You do nothing to dispel doping suspicions, to out cheats, and to clean up the sport. You are the blight on the sport, not us.

Footnote: I'd include a list of riders DS's and who have publicly announced their support for Wiggins and his remarks, but I find them abhorrent now.

e: I realise the irony of me posting this under a pseudonym. To all those cyclists and staff members on twitter who echo his thought, my personal details are available to you on request. All you have to do is ask.

Further edit: Now you no longer need to ask.

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Old 07-08-12, 18:46
mb2612 mb2612 is offline
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Pro cyclists have no right to tell us not to be suspicious. We've been lied to far too many times to accept anything they say at face value.
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Old 07-08-12, 18:49
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You are a ****.

Yours faithfully,

Bradley Wiggins
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Old 07-08-12, 18:55
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I for one am ****ed at Brad Wiggins.

and nicely put cavalier ...thank you
craig walsh always with us

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Old 07-08-12, 18:57
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I was disappointed at the manner of Wiggo's response. Certainly not a measured, constructive reply!

Whether he was justifiably angry...I'm not sure. Comes across as more than a little self justifying...however I, obviously, cannot speak to all that may currently be playing on his mind.

So yes, he is unable to empathise with the doubt and disillusionment that gives rise to the view he so vehemently rejects. If he were to reflect, maybe the manner, if not substance of his response might differ. Here's hoping so!
ciao js


Craig X W
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Old 07-08-12, 19:05
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Riders dope since 1900, no great rider won something without doping.
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Old 07-08-12, 19:06
noddy69 noddy69 is offline
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Cycling chiefs are trying to say the sports cleaner. From what I have watched over the last couple of days it looks like it is. People who would never be dropped losing loads of time.

Yet the press applauding Wiggins response,come on thats just ridiculous.
Cycling fans,the all year round fans, have watched numerous tours blighted by cheats. Bradley and cycling have to prove their clean, no longer will people have blind faith, nor should they with what has gone on.

A measured response by wiggins would have been to say that he understands people will be wary, the history is littered with cheats. But he is racing clean and will prove it to whosoever wants to test him on it. Cycling is cleaning up its act, but it has a lot more to do before guys can be trusted just on their word, we have heard all that before.
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Old 07-08-12, 19:07
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Sticky this, puleaseeee!
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Old 07-08-12, 19:20
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Send it to all the teams, their contact adresses are on their websites.
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Old 07-08-12, 19:39
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Originally Posted by Franklin View Post
Send it to all the teams, their contact adresses are on their websites.
First, Great post Cavalier!! A big fat PLUS ONE for that post!

And second, please do this, since you were the one who wrote it! Then they can't say you are hiding behind a pseudonym on the internet.

If you don't want, they I'll do it.
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