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Old 10-19-12, 09:02
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Default RIP Fiorenzo Magni

I don't really know if there's a right place for such a thread, but I feel it doesn't deserve to be unnoticed.

Fiorenzo Magni passed away today, at age 92.

Farewell Fiorenzo. Riders like you don't exist anymore.

A race that doesn't give an attacker the chance to finish it off alone is not a race anymore.
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Old 10-19-12, 09:39
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RIP Fiorenzo the lion of flanders

have a good race in heaven with Gino and Fausto

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Old 10-19-12, 09:42
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RIP. An extraordinary rider who is in part overlooked because of his fellow Italians, Bartali and, especially, Coppi.
Originally Posted by Ryo Hazuki View Post
contador is such a coward
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Old 10-19-12, 09:54
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Hard to be sad, he had achieved a lot. Had a pretty long innings. R.I.P
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Old 10-19-12, 11:31
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Toghether with Bartali one of my favourite riders ever.
Ciao Fiorenzo.
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Old 10-19-12, 12:20
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rest in peace grande Fiorenzo
Vino 4ever
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Old 10-19-12, 12:25
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We owe him the extra-sport sponsors. I don't know if it's good or bad, probably a necessary evil.

He had his flaws, but it's not the right moment to remind them. I do like Fiorenzo Magni. I celebrated his 90th birthday on this forum. Because reaching such an age is quite good for our sport (see what I mean). And I still wish Ferdi Kübler, Pino Cerami, Giovanni Corrieri, Alfredo Martini a long and healthy life. And I won't forget Pierre Cogan, aged 98 !!

Edit: + Émile Idée, 2nd of 1948 Paris-Roubaix, aged 92.

Fiorenzo Magni won three Tour of Flanders at a time, you really saw any foreigners here in the North and even less a Mediterranean.

Coppi paved the way for that when he won the Omloop Het Volk, before being downgraded to second place because of an illegal bike change. Of course, you previously had the Garin's and Rossi but they were French immigrants. It really changed with Coppi and Magni.

Just for that I take my hat off to Fiorenzo Magni. RIP

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Old 10-19-12, 13:56
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RIP Leone delle Fiandre
Broom wagon legend.
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Old 10-19-12, 18:21
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Ciao Leone.
Ci mancherai.
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Old 10-19-12, 18:32
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Originally Posted by Eshnar View Post
For those who don't know the story of that picture here it is (from wikipedia)

In the 1956 Giro d’Italia, stage 12, Fiorenzo Magni famously broke his left clavicle and still managed to finish 2nd place overall. At the hospital he refused a to put on a plaster cast and refused to abandon the Giro in the year of his announced retirement. Magni continued the race with his shoulder wrapped in an elastic bandage. To compensate for his inability to apply force with his left arm, he raced while holding a piece of rubber inner tube attached to his handlebar between his teeth for extra leverage. Since his injury prevented him from effectively braking and steering with his left hand, Magni crashed again after hitting a ditch by the road during a descent on stage 16. He fell on his already broken clavicle, breaking his humerus, after which he passed out from the pain. They put him in an ambulance, but when Magni regained his senses and realized that he was being taken to the hospital he screamed and told the driver to stop. Magni took his bike was able to finish the stage in the peloton, who had waited for him. Of the evening that followed Magni said "I had no idea of how serious my condition was, I just knew that I was in a lot of pain but I didn't want to have X-rays that evening".[2] Just four stages later, the infamous 20th stage of Giro '56 dawned where Luxembourg's Charly Gaul would execute his legendary mountain stage victory in Trento, haunted by snow and ice over the Costalunga, Rolle, Brocon and Bondone climbs. That day 60 people abandoned, and Gaul went from 16 minutes behind to winning the 1956 Giro, Magni, dispite his injuries, placed 2nd, only 3 minutes and 27 seconds behind.
He was a true hardmen of the peloton the likes of which we may never see again, to place 2nd with all those injuries on stage 20 and to not quit no matter what clearly demonstrates true strength, determination, and a love of racing and cycling.

Rest in Peace Lion of Flanders.
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