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View Poll Results: Legend of cycling
Kristin Armstrong 1 1.49%
Judith Arndt 4 5.97%
Oscar Freire 22 32.84%
Fiorenzo Magni 13 19.40%
David Moncoutie 17 25.37%
Victoria Pendleton 1 1.49%
Travis Tygart 7 10.45%
Daphny van den Brand 0 0%
No opinion for legend of cycling 2 2.99%
Voters: 67. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-02-12, 15:06
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Default 2012 CN Reader Poll: Legend of Cycling

There are some... interesting choices on the reader poll this year under the Legend of Cycling category. Just curious about who chose who, and why.

I chose Moncoutie, to support a certain "speed" of cycling. And I'm a sucker for scrappy Frenchmen on bikes.

Freire is a close runner-up, though, because of his tenacious style. You could never count that guy out in a race. I know he has his detractors, but I love watching him position himself perfectly in a finale (with virtually no help from his team) and spring from the group for the win. Smart, smart racer.

There's also one kinda odd duck choice that would make a strong statement about politics in cycling if he won. Anyone choose him?

Please keep Clinic discussions out of it--if you've chosen certain options, then the significance of that choice can be assumed without having to be explicitly voiced. I want to keep this in Pro Cycling to see what everyone thinks, and many posters stay out of The Clinic.

The contenders:

Kristin Armstrong
Judith Arndt
Oscar Freire
Fiorenzo Magni
David Moncoutie
Victoria Pendleton
Travis Tygart
Daphny van den Brand
No opinion for legend of cycling

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Old 11-02-12, 15:18
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Cancellara is like The Black Album. Really good but way overrated.
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Old 11-02-12, 15:20
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Fiorenzo Magni...
Isn't it obvious why?
WHY there is a poll for this?
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Old 11-02-12, 15:35
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Originally Posted by Netserk View Post
This lol why is there not a vino/other option
"The second place is not good."
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Old 11-02-12, 15:54
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If you like to have "The clinic"-related issues off this board then perhaps it would have been wise not selecting certain names in this poll leading it directly to "clinic"-related issues?

For me its Travis Tygart. His actions speaks for himself and i dont need to mention them here (we all know).
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Old 11-02-12, 16:00
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Mohammed Ali is not there, he's a legend.
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Old 11-02-12, 16:02
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fiorenzo magni
lance armstrong
Vino 4ever
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Old 11-02-12, 16:44
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Of course Vino!There is no option for him and he just retired
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Originally Posted by Ryo Hazuki View Post
what? quintana is already better climber than froome. see final stages of the tour and he's only 23. quintana is the best climber I've sene since pantani. he will become a legend
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Old 11-02-12, 16:48
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Magni of course, his determination to never quit embodied what cycling is. Tygart in my opinion should not even be on the poll. To me legend of cycling means a rider that will always be remembered for the races he won and more importantly how he won those races. Not someone who will be remembered for taking other riders down. Regardless of who those riders were.

Also, Vino really should be on the poll, how does Kristin Armstrong and Daphny van den Brand get on the poll and Vino doesn't?

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Old 11-02-12, 17:02
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Vino, stupid poll...

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