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Old 11-20-12, 23:38
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Default 2013 Predictions.

MSRemo: 1° Pozzato 2° Gerrans 3° Jungels
RVVlaanderen: 1° Van Marcke 2° Boonen 3° Gilbert
PRoubaix: 1° Cancellara 2° Boonen 3° Boom
AGRace: 1° Sagan 2° Valverde 3° Betancur
FWallonne: 1° Gilbert 2° Vanendert 3° J Rod
LBLiege: 1° Nibali 2° Moser 3° Lutsenko
Giro D'Italia: 1° Wiggins 2° Nibali 3° Quintana 4° Rujano 5° Pelizzotti 6° Hesjedal 7° Henao 8° Pozzovivo 9° Majka 10° Betancur
Tour De France: 1° Contador 2° Froome 3° Pinot 4° AndyS 5° J. Rod 6° Van Garderen 7° Valverde 8° Rolland 9° Van Den Broeck 10° Talansky
Vuelta a España
GLombardia: 1° Moser 2° J Rod° 3° Chaves

MVR: Sagan
Rookieoftheyear: Dombrowski

Nice year in the classics. Battle between the two kings of the North and the new stars . Surprises in the Ardennes, the confrontation between Gilbert, Sagan, Valverde and J Rod will be interrupt by guys like Moser, Vanendert or Betancur.
We'll see a huge Giro D'Italia fight. Wiggins vs Nibali part2 and the domination of Quintana in the Dolomites. Super MT's stages inspired by the colombians, plus Rujano or
Amador and the locals. In France the worst route of the last years will be forgotten. Contador will face to face with the more difficult opponents of his career. Froome in the ITT's, Pinot and Andy Schleck in the Alpes, Sky will be a nightmare for Alberto. In July Contador need another exploit. 2013 is the renaissance of cycling. Another view of this "modern sport" change into classic thanks for legends like Contador and Boonen, emergent stars and the best generation of youngsters of the decade.

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Old 11-21-12, 00:11
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MSR: 1.Sagan 2.Cancellara 3.Degenkolb
RVV: 1.Sagan 2.Boonen 3.Cancellara
PR: 1.Cancellara 2.Boonen 3.VanMarcke
AGR: 1.Gilbert 2.Purito 3.Sagan
FW: 1.Purito 2.Gilbert 3.Martin (Dan)
LBL: 1.Gilbert 2.Nibali 3.Valverde

Giro: 1.Nibali 2.Sanchez (sammy) 3.Purito 4.Hesjedal 5.Quintana
Tour: 1.Contador 2.Schleck 3.Froome 4.VanGarderen 5.Pinot
Vuelta: 1.Purito 2.Valverde 3.Henao or Quintana 4.Sanchez (sammy) 5.nibali

CSS: 1.Gilbert 2.Sanchez (luis leon) 3.Gerrans
GDL: 1.Gilbert 2.Nibali 3.Purito
PT: 1.Degenkolb

World TT: 1.Pinney 2.Cancellara 3.Martin
World RR: 1.Gilbert 2.Nibali 3.Valverde
World TTT: 1.BMC 2.OPQS 3.GE

Other predictions:
Dombrowski to be the best U23 in the pro ranks
TJVG to finally win one of the 3 US races
Cav to win Green
Coldeportes to get invite to Giro and Vuelta

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Old 11-21-12, 00:24
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MSR: 1. Sagan 2. Degenkolb 3. Pozzato
RVV: 1.Pozzato 2.Boonen 3.Cancellara
PR: 1.Boonen 2.Cancellara 3.Boom
AGR: 1.Gilbert 2.Purito 3.Valverde
FW: 1.Contador 2.Purito 3.Evans
LBL: 1.Costa 2.Gilbert 3.Valverde

Giro: 1.Nibali 2.Purito 3.wiggins 4.Quintana 5. Machado (for the lulz)
Tour: 1.Contador 2.Schleck 3.Froome 4. Samu 5. Pinot
Vuelta: 1.Contador 2.Quintana 3. Valverde 4.Anton 5. Purito

CSS: 1. Lulu 2. Gilbert 3. Valverde
GDL: 1.Nibali 2. Gilbert 3.Purito
PT: 1.Boonen

World TT: 1. Cancellara 2. phinney 3. Martin
World RR: 1. Valverde 2.Nibali 3.Purito
World TTT: don't care
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Old 11-21-12, 07:49
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I like your prediction
"The second place is not good."
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Old 11-21-12, 08:08
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Giro: Wiggins, Hesjedal, Nibali
Tour: Schleck, Froome, Zubeldia
Vuelta: Cobo, Rodriguez, Valverde
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Old 11-21-12, 08:25
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This is fun.

MSR: Sagan, Degenkolb, Bennati
RVV: Gilbert, Boonen, Cancellara
PR: Boonen, Cancellara, Ballan
AGR: Sagan, Gilbert, Valverde
FW: Gilbert, Rodriguez, Vanendert
LBL: Gilbert, Sanchez, Mollema
GDI: Quintana, Wiggins, Nibali
TDF: Contador, Froome, Andy
VAE: Contador, Rodriguez, Valverde
GDL: Rodriguez, Gilbert, Henao

Edit: Worlds: Gilbert, Valverde, Nibali
Originally Posted by Ryo Hazuki View Post
contador is such a coward

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Old 11-21-12, 08:53
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MSR: Cavendish
RVV: Sagan
PR: Cancellara
LBL: Valverde
GdL: Gilbert

Worlds RR: Valverde

Giro: J-Rod
TdF: Contador
Vuelta: Valverde
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Old 11-21-12, 09:00
18-Valve. (pithy) 18-Valve. (pithy) is offline
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MSR: Goss
RVV: Cancellara
PR: Cancellara
LBL: Gilbert
GdL: Purito

Worlds RR: Evans

Giro: Pellizotti...
Tour: Contador
Vuelta: Purito
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Old 11-21-12, 11:01
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SB: Cancellara, M Iglinsky, Ballan
MSR: Sagan, Cancellara, Degenkolb
RVV: Cancellara, Thomas, Sagan
PR: Cancellara, Boonen, BOOM
AGR: Gilbert, Nordhaug, Vanendert
FW: Gilbert, JRod, D Martin
LBL: Gilbert, S Sanchez, Nibali
CSS: Mollema, Ulissi, van Avermaet
GdL: Nibali, Duarte, Pozzovivo
PT: Degenkolb, Sagan, Hagen

Worlds TT: T Martin, Cancellara, Phinney
Worlds RR: Nibali, Gilbert, Valverde
Worlds TTT: OPQS, BMC, Movistar

Giro: 1. Nibali, 2. Wiggins, 3. Quintana, 4. Hesjedal, 5. Scarponi, 6. Di Luca , 7. Basso, 8. Brambilla, 9. Gadret, 10. Nieve
Tour: 1. Contador, 2. Froome, 3. A Schleck, 4. JRod, 5. Gesink, 6. VDB, 7. Sanchez, 8. Pozzovivo, 9. D Martin, 10. TJVG
Vuelta: 1. Contador, 2. JRod, 3 Valverde, 4. Mollema, 5. Anton, 6. Henao, 7. D Moreno 8. Talansky, 9. Uran, 10. Capecchi
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Old 11-21-12, 11:34
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Originally Posted by airstream View Post
Giro: Wiggins, Hesjedal, Nibali
Tour: Schleck, Froome, Zubeldia
Vuelta: Cobo, Rodriguez, Valverde
Muahahahahahah that's funny
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