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Old 12-27-12, 16:44
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It is a huge tribute to Ryder and about time a cyclist got some recognition as an athlete from mainstream sports writers. Even as great and deserving as Ryder is in receiving the award the fact that a Tennis player with his win / loss record, came second is still an indication that cycling is a low profile sport to Canadian sports writers and in the media guys Like Michael Enwright editorialize that cycling is not even a sport.
Ryder is very deserving of the award and even though the award should have gone to Steve Bauer as the first I am more than happy Ryder was first.
In the women's choice Christine Sinclair wiped out second place which was no surprise. Given the magnitude of Ryders win I thoght the votes were too close for the men. Still a long way to go.
Congrats Ryder. You Earned it!
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Old 12-27-12, 18:17
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Originally Posted by oldcrank View Post
I see Ben Johnson has won it twice and figure skaters have
won it three times, but congratulations anyway, mate.
Jeesh, even a...a... golfer won it a few times!

That said -

Overall, hockey players have finished at the top of the annual polls the most times at 25. Track and field is second with 13 winners and football third with 10.
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Old 12-29-12, 05:29
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Good for Ryder. I wondered if they were going to forget about a guy who's major accomplishment was back in May. Raonic had a hell of a year, but Ryder was the obvious choice.

Didn't realize what a legend Lionel Conacher was. A champion in pro football and pro hockey, played semi-pro baseball, a member of the Hockey, Lacrosse, and Football Halls of Fame, sat in the provincial and federal parliaments... Jesus, there's a resume a guy could be proud of.
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