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09 Mar 2014 22:43

Granville57 wrote:I was searching for one of RR's posts. When I simply put "Race Radio" into the search window (after trying countless other more specific terms) I get this:

Surely you wrote Race Radio under 'Search by User Name' and not 'Search by Keyword'?

Maybe I can find what you are looking for. What is it?

edit: Just did a search, and RR didn't quote you a single time in 2012 :eek: :p #random

edit2: BTW I realized one of the special powers modship gives you only after no longer being a mod. Back then I could search numerous times. Now there have to be 20 seconds between each search. Outrageous!
Goodbye, Tommeke; thank you for all you have given us!
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09 Mar 2014 22:58

Netserk wrote:Surely you wrote Race Radio under 'Search by User Name' and not 'Search by Keyword'?

Nope. Think about it, wouldn't there be numerous posts about the subject of "race radios" in numerous threads? But still I get the database error window.

Normally, if you enter someone's user name into the keyword window, you will get a list of posts both by that user and by other users who have quoted them. I've done this countless times to track down old posts (much to Zam's amazement :p)

And yes, the 20 second wait time is maddening.
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