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Charity Road Race in Morocco - Atlas Etape

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Charity Road Race in Morocco - Atlas Etape

04 Feb 2013 14:04

Hello -
Wanted some advice from you on promotion of a road race we are putting on in Morocco - we are http://www.argansports.com a company set up by a small group of Americans living in Marrakech to promote biking. We are working togetgher with a charity called Education for All - a group promoting education for girls in the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco. You can find more about the race at http://www.marrakech-atlas-etape.com/. This is the first year for the race and we have about 60 people signed up from EU and one from the US - the Moroccan national team will join as well as many other local bikers. Please give me your advice on how to promote this race to a wider audiance. New about the race was picked up in the UK as reported here http://www.cyclosport.org/15-Jan-2013/news/the-marrakech-atlas-etape---uk-interest-is-rising.html
Thanks for your help and advice.

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05 Feb 2013 01:04

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