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07 Jul 2013 12:47

laziali wrote:I think you need to change you name to darwinawards. Far more apt.

darwin553 wrote:See now that is personal abuse...

Yes, it is. But I think you two are big boys now, so I won't send anyone to detention hall. ;)

This is a topic that has come up more than once since I've been modding. I'll say again here what I have said elsewhere. This is a public place, for public discussion, which can be just as free-wheeling as you would find there. It has been likened to a pub/bar discussion, and sometimes it even includes the alcohol fuel!

At the point that, in a bar, I would say, "take it outside, boys" I also draw my modding line. Or try to. The point is to keep it civil, not rational.

Keep in mind I don't read everything, nor do the other mods. We can't possibly. So if something is unread, and unreported, or already old by the time we get there, well - that should be self explanatory. Just because it didn't get modded doesn't make it right. We do what we can.

Having said that, I have seen a lot of thin skins and oversensitivity at times. Sometimes I think it is a personality thing - there are some posters that other posters just react to. For instance, a poster who, with great frequency, posts very mild sarcastic, or pointed comments - can get the rep with some other posters as a troll. But it seems to me that, given the mildness and lightheartedness of the "troll's" posts (and the fact that the posts are generally well-mannered and polite) - that it is those who react who just need to htfu.

But, like I said, when it gets to the point I have to think "take it outside" - I will enforce consequences.
It is of great use to the sailor to know the length of his line, though he cannot with it fathom all the depths of the ocean. ~ John Locke
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07 Jul 2013 16:24

hiero2 wrote:....It has been likened to a pub/bar discussion, and sometimes it even includes the alcohol fuel!


I can confirm this! Cheers!
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07 Jul 2013 16:26

You are lucky that Ryo isnt here :D
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07 Jul 2013 16:30

darwin553 wrote:Yes we do - the OP is right. Members should discuss topics without personally attacking other members - it really isn't that hard. The problem is that it seems that some members appear to not have the ability to control their massive egos.

worth a repeat
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07 Jul 2013 16:46


This forum has plenty of people who like to exchange views in a somewhat dignified manner.

There are others who like to be consistently sarcastic, call names, talk poorly about other poster's mothers, or even suggest that they wish terrible things are deserved by a poster in this life or the next.

Best bet is to ignore the negativity and try to have some fun with it all, maybe even learn a thing or two.

By complaining about the behaviors of some of the kooks on here, all you are doing is reinforcing their behavior.
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07 Jul 2013 16:50

Back in the days when there was a group of pro-Lance posters and an even larger group of anti-Lance posters, the forum was a much uglier place.
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