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09 Aug 2013 05:59

King Boonen wrote:I won't pretend to know what the problem was but a large number of forums were down and some are still not back up. I'm sure it had a large impact on website traffic and therefore advertising revenue across the whole Future Group, so I think they are probably getting them back online as soon as they can.

Indeed, love how people can presume the worst understanding the issues behind the downtime.
RIP Craig, you'll be missed friend.
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09 Aug 2013 07:00

About time it is back!
diggercuz wrote:second post ever after reading the forum for the last few years and one thing i must say, ACF94 is probably the most intelligent poster here, never biased to BMC or Cadel, and never gets worked up over anything.
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12 Aug 2013 05:53

I hope future's prompt return to normalcy means they will expect the same time line of their forum members to their actions. :p
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14 Aug 2013 21:08

I was expecting holograms
Juan Speeder
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